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StreamAlive picks up $1.58M to build engagement tools for livestreams

StreamAlive, an audience engagement application for livestreams, virtual meetings and in-person events, secured $1.58 million in pre-seed funding, the company announced today. From webinars, livestrea

Scoot lands $12M to inject customization into videoconferencing

While much of the white-collar workforce has adjusted to the new norm of videoconferencing from home, that doesn’t mean that they — or their bosses — necessarily like it. According t

Read, which lets you measure how well a meeting is going, is now a Zoom Essential App

Read, the app that lets meeting organizers read the virtual room and see how engaged (or not) participants are, is now one of Zoom’s Essential Apps. This means Zoom customers, Zoom One Pro Business helps companies make the most of virtual meeting data

For organizations that do a good chunk of their work through virtual meetings, simply hitting record or taking notes isn’t enough to capture everything that’s said. Some build their own meeting in