virtual girlfriend

  • iPhone users: This virtual girlfriend will never leave you (video)

    There are a number of Tamagotchi-style apps for the iPhone out there, but now Tokyo-based Xtone gives us Amamiya Momo, a virtual catgirl girlfriend that lives in your iPhone, speaks to you and expresses emotions (there are English subs for when she speaks Japanese). You can use the GPS function in your iPhone to let Momo know when you’re home and when you’re out. She will act cuter… Read More

  • NYU student creates virtual girlfriend: When the king is happy, the queen is happy

    An NYU grad student, Drew Burrows, has invented a virtual girlfriend, sorta like the Japanese. Since the young man is so consumed with his studies, he doesn’t have the time, nor the patience (presumably), to hold a steady girlfriend—so create one, à la Weird Science! The virtual girlfriend is a 2D projection, brought to “life” by infrared sensors. She’ll wiggle… Read More