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Want to survive the crypto winter? Start by inspiring regulatory confidence

Today’s weather may be harsh, but the next phase of cyrpto is coming. Those who can inspire regulatory confidence will be better positioned to be on its leading edge.

Tinder to kill virtual currency, metaverse plans amid Match Group earnings loss; Tinder loses its CEO

Dating giant Match Group announced a series of changes to Tinder’s management team alongside the announcement of disappointing second-quarter earnings on Tuesday. Notably, Tinder CEO Renate Nybo

IRS FUD: What you need to know about crypto taxes

The cost of failing to report — or incorrect reporting of — proceeds from crypto-related activities could be extremely high if the IRS gets you in its crosshairs.

Beijing court rules bitcoin mining contract ‘void’

As crypto investors widely know, China has declared all cryptocurrency transactions illegal and outlawed crypto mining activities. Lately, a court decision further reasserted the government’s at

China’s digital yuan tests leap forward in Shenzhen

Shenzhen, known for its maker community and manufacturing resources, is taking the lead in trialing China’s digital yuan. Last week, the city issued 10 million yuan worth of digital currency to

Coin offerings using celebrity glitter may not be golden, SEC warns

A slew of media stars have hitched their stars to various virtual currencies, lending their social media outreach and luster to projects that have seemed less than golden. Now the SEC is warning celeb

Razer makes virtual currency push with $20M investment in Asian payment firm

Razer has invested close to $20 million into Malaysia-based online payment firm MOL Global as part of a push to establish its virtual currency for gamers in Asia. The deal sees Razer subsidiary ZV-Mi

Study of Candy Crush players finds virtual currency buyers don’t go for upsells

The upsell we all fall for at fast food joints and places like Costco doesn't seem to work on purchasers of in-game currencies, according to a study conducted on millions of Candy Crush players. Turns

Twitch makes cheering exchange rate clear: one penny per bit for streamers

Twitch announced Monday that users would soon be able to "cheer" their favorite streamers — in the form of expendable emoji purchasable with real-world money. Details were rather scarce so I pressed

Such Hack. Many Dogecoin. Very Disappear. So Gone. Wow.

Dogecoin, the virtual currency that was named after a silly meme but has been described as a potential successor to Bitcoin, suffered its first hacking incident today, with Dogewallet users losing an

Line Expands Its Mobile Messaging Empire On Android With Third-Party App Downloads Incentivised By Line Coin

The new breed of mobile messaging apps -- Japan's Line & China's WeChat, to name two -- are already siphoning off social energy by adding features traditionally associated with full-fat social net

Amazon Now Offers Amazon Coins Virtual Currency On Kindle Fire, Gives $5 In Free Coins To All Users

E-commerce leviathan <a target="_blank" href="">Amazon</a> today is taking a step into social gaming: Amazon Coins, its new virtual currency, is now live in the U.S. To kick it of

Messaging App Line’s Virtual Currency For Sticker Gifting Falls Foul Of Apple’s App Store Rules

Messaging app Line, which recently announced it has passed 150 million users, has withdrawn a function from its iOS app that allowed users to gift paid-for stickers to each other by paying for them wi

Bitcoin: How An Unregulated, Decentralized Virtual Currency Just Became A Billion Dollar Market

Hang around in the tech industry long enough and you or someone you know will be heard saying, "that's so crazy it just might work." Two years ago, if you'd have told me that an open-source, P2P curre

Amazon Coins Are Steroids For The Amazon Appstore

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Charles Edward Hudson is a venture partner with SoftTech VC and the CEO and co-founder of Bionic Panda Games.</em> I have been trying to wrap my head around Amazon’s de

GetJar Shifts Focus From Distribution To Discovery And Commerce, As Its Virtual Currency Hits 50M Users, 60% Of Revs

You may know <a target="_blank" href="">GetJar</a> as the largest independent, cross-platform app store, and one of the largest distributors of Android apps outside of the Androi

Study: U.S. Consumer Spending On Virtual Goods Grew To $2.3 Billion In 2011

It's not exactly a secret that gaming has found new life on the web, social and mobile platforms. Of course, with it, especially the rise in free-to-play gaming, developers need to find ways to moneti

PayPal’s Send Money App, and Why Facebook Never Built P2P Credits Payments

PayPal relaunched a <a href="">peer-to-peer payment Facebook app today</a> that some news outlets are misinterpreting as a partnership between the two compani

The Bitcoin Trials Continue: Mt. Gox Exchange Collapses Due To Compromised Account

<img src="" /> It seems that <a href="">Bitcoin</a> is experiencing the same fits and starts that any new currenc

Bitcoin, Ven and the End of Currency

<img src=""> <em><strong>Editor's note</strong>: <a href="">Stan Stalnaker</a> is the foun
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