virtual boy

  • Virtual Boy TV spotted on eBay for $50,000

    For the low, low price of $50,000 you can have your very own Nintendo Virtual Boy TV. Originally used by developers to output their games on a TV (for testing purposes!), you can re-live all the fun you had playing Mario Tennis at Toys R Us, but at home, and on TV! Read More

  • Tiger R-Zone: Worst Console Ever, or Just Misunderstood?

    Yet another video game story for you today. Crazy! Remember the Tiger R-Zone handheld video console? Was it not the worst system you ever laid eyes on? TechEBlog seems to think so, and has a short little retrospective on the device. Maybe the reason why it stunk so much was the way Tiger advertised it, making it look like it had arcade-quality graphics when it was really just a red 3D thing… Read More

  • The Top 7 Nintendo Mistakes

    When 2007 rolled around, we seemed to hear about the “woes” of Sony and Microsoft quite a bit while Nintendo sat back and enjoyed the spotlight with the Wii. GamesRadar has a fantastic piece on the Top 7 mistakes Nintendo has made. Now Nintendo gets to take a few hits and the first on the list at #7 is the Wii itself. The case brought up against the system is a good one and the… Read More

  • Dude Over At Crave UK Thinks The PS3 Is The Most Unwanted Console Ever

    So over at CNET’s UK version of Crave, a dude named Chris Stevens is declaring the PS3 the “great unwanted console”. That’s fantastic that he thinks he’s a mix of Jude Law and Paul McCartney, but guess what: he’s still wrong about the PS3. Chris goes on to spit out useless figures and data like a 1977 UNIX-command, saying that no one is lining up, the console… Read More