Virgin Orbit

Rocket Lab turns old Virgin Orbit facilities into an engine development complex

Rocket Lab has transformed Virgin Orbit’s massive headquarters and manufacturing facility into a new engine development center, at just a fraction of the price that it would’ve cost to purchase ne

Virgin Orbit’s launch business sold for parts to Vast, Stratolaunch, and Rocket Lab

Virgin Orbit, once valued at $3.7 billion, has been chopped up for parts. The company has concluded the auction for some of its assets, which were put up for sale as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Stratolaunch submits $17M bid for some of Virgin Orbit’s assets

Virgin Orbit may have found a buyer for some of its assets in hypersonic flight company Stratolaunch, according to new court filings. Stratolaunch submitted a $17 million bid for some assets, includin

Virgin Orbit files for bankruptcy

Virgin Orbit, the low Earth orbit small-payload launch company that was spun out of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, has filed for bankruptcy protection with the U.S. Securities and Exchange C

Virgin Orbit burns up in uncontrolled descent

Virgin Orbit announced mass layoffs of 85% of its workforce, or 675 people, after it failed to secure additional funding.

At Virgin Orbit, it never should’ve come to a staff furlough

Last night, CNBC broke the bombshell news that Virgin Orbit was pausing operations for at least a week while it looked for funding to support the business. As part of that pause, company executives re

Virgin Orbit pauses operations for a week to conduct a search for cash

Virgin Orbit is halting all operations for a week to save money while it “conducts discussions with potential funding sources and explores strategic opportunities,” the company announced i

One faulty fuel filter scuttled Virgin Orbit’s big UK launch debut

Launch is hard, but at least now that every rocket is sending extremely detailed live telemetry back to HQ, teams can know what led to a failed launch within days or weeks. Case in point: Virgin Orbit

Max Q: Anomalous

Last week wasn't the most successful for spaceflight missions. We'll get into that.

Virgin Orbit says issue with rocket’s second stage led to mission failure

Virgin Orbit, the unconventional rocket company founded by billionaire Sir Richard Branson, said its mission failure earlier this week was due to an anomaly with the rocket’s second stage. Although

Virgin Orbit’s botched launch highlights shaky financial future

Virgin Orbit’s much-hyped launch from Cornwall, U.K. on Monday ended in failure, with the company announcing that the mission experienced an “anomaly” that prevented the rocket from reaching orb

Virgin Orbit mission suffers anomaly in first orbital launch from British soil

Update: Despite successfully reaching second engine cut-off and thus past many of the most difficult parts of launch, the Start Me Up mission has suffered “an anomaly that has prevented us from

UK regulator says it’s not to blame for Virgin Orbit mission delay

Virgin Orbit is retargeting a launch that was supposed to take place as soon as next week from Cornwall, England — and that was to be the first spaceflight to depart from British soil — du

Virgin Orbit and Rocket Lab gear up for launches on new continents

Virgin Orbit and Rocket Lab are expanding their launch capacities as each company gears up for inaugural missions from countries that they have never flown from. For Rocket Lab, that’s the United St

Max Q: Testing, testing

In this issue: Northrop Grumman and Firefly Aerospace want to make the Antares rocket all-American; how Muon Space is locking in customers; news from SpaceX, OneWeb and more

Watch Virgin Orbit’s ‘Straight Up’ launch of Space Force satellites live tonight

Update: The launch was delayed due to a slight problem with propellant temperature, but Virgin Orbit has confirmed it will make its next attempt tonight (July 1st) no earlier than 10:20 PM PDT. Update

UK taps Virgin Orbit to launch first satellites from its own soil this summer

The United Kingdom has a small but growing space industry, with the number of space-related organizations increasing by an average of 21% each year since 2012, but there is one key component it’

Max Q: All eyes on Astra

Hi folks, welcome back to Max Q. This week we have news on rockets both small (Astra’s Rocket 3.3) and very, very large (NASA’s Space Launch System). Plus further fallout from Russia&#8217

Virgin Orbit to go public via $3.2B SPAC deal

Virgin Orbit is set to go public via a merger with a special purpose acquisitions company (SPAC), the company has confirmed. The deal values the combined enterprise at $3.2 billion, and will provide V

Max Q: Billionaire Blast-off Boys Club

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