Virgin Galactic

  • Virgin Galactic Mothership Eve takes flight

    After testing delays last year, Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites successfully took to the skies with the Mothership Eve at the SC testing site in the Mojave. has the exclusive video, which isn’t anything special, but it’s nice to see Virgin is puttering right along. Hit the jump to check out the video. Read More

  • Video: WhiteKnightTwo takes flight

    WhiteKnightTwo, the plane that will eventually launch Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo just took its maiden test flight and the videos are already up. Watch them and see how weird this plane looks. What if regular commercial aircraft looked like that thing? We could just put all the noisy kids and crying babies on one side and enjoy some peace and quiet on the other. Click on for the videos. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 30-minute space flight for $74,000

    A London banker named Per Wimmer will be taking a 30-minute space ride in XCOR’s “Lynx” two-seat suborbital space plane (see our previous coverage) in 2010. Los Angeles-based XCOR is offering relatively affordable space trips at around $74,000 a pop. Wimmer has also purchased tickets on Virgin Galactic’s and Space Adventures’ first flights –also set to take… Read More

  • Virgin Galactic turns down $1 million offer to make porno in space

    What won’t the porn industry think of? Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn wouldn’t disclose who the studio is, but said the offer “was $1 million, up front, for a sex-in-space movie. That was money we had to refuse, I’m afraid.” Other than the logistical issues of making a porno in five-minutes, I doubt VG is bummed about losing $1 million. They already have… Read More

  • Virgin Galactic White Knight Two mothership flight delayed

    When Virgin unveiled the White Knight Two in late July we were told that test flights would begin in September, but that doesn’t appear to be true since it’s the 29th and President of Virgin Galactic Will Whitehorn basically says they’re delayed. But he does reassure us that test flights will happen this year and possibly within weeks. “There have been various taxi… Read More

  • Interview: Rich Dancaster, soon to be Virgin Galactic space pilot

    Rich is apart of the Virgin America and Virgin Galactic exchange program that allows VA captains the opportunity to pilot the Virgin Galactic flights when they start in 2010. He’s pretty stoked to have been picked from the VA fleet and who wouldn’t be?! Rich has an extensive resume in aviation with over 16,000 hours clocked and he overlooked the testing for Virgin American… Read More

  • White Knight 2 photo gallery

    Isn’t she beautiful? Read More

  • Branson to marry couple in space

    I’m likely never going to get married, but if I ever do, I want to do as this couple is, in space. Branson’s launching Virgin Galactic next year as the world’s first space tourism company, this much is known. But now he’s announced that on Galactic’s first flight, he’ll be personally officiating a wedding, the first ever human wedding off of Earth. Now… Read More

  • Save those frequent flier miles, save $20,000 on your Virgin Galactic flight

    I actually am pretty sure that the people who can spend $2,000,000 on space tourism are a different demographic from the people who scrounge miles to get free tickets. And yet, Virgin Galactic is going to let you redeem 200,000 miles for a big 10% off that trip to space. Somehow I doubt they’re going to get a lot of takers on that offer, but it is a nice little taste of the future.

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  • Virgin Galactic reveals SpaceShipTwo, plans open-source starships

    Burt Rutan and Richard Branson are doing their “deep pocketed space explorer” thing again. They’ve revealed the second version of their suborbital spacecraft, aptly called “SpaceShipTwo” and pictured above, presumably via a cell phone camera at the event. They also announced that the launch vehicle, “WhiteKnightTwo,” will be on an open… Read More