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  • YouTube suspends ads on Logan Paul’s channels after “recent pattern” of behavior in videos

    YouTube suspends ads on Logan Paul’s channels after “recent pattern” of behavior in videos

    More problems and controversy for Logan Paul, the YouTube star who caused a strong public backlash when he posted a video of a suicide victim in Japan. Google’s video platform today announced that it would be pulling advertising temporarily from his video channel in response to a “recent pattern of behavior” from him. This is in addition to Paul’s suspensions from… Read More

  • Orchestral movements by LCD light

    Viral videos are, well, everywhere these days. You hire a media company, they come up with a clever idea, upload it, and hope that it gets tagged on YouTube. Which is exactly what Vodaphone NZ did. Read More

  • Punch-Out!! live-action viral video

    “Dance like a fly, bite like a mosquito.” Those inspiring words come from Coach Doc, played by The Wire’s Isaiah Whitlock, Jr., in a very well done viral video for Punch-Out!!, set to make its triumphant comeback on the Wii next Monday, the 18th. Read More

  • Samsung starts churning out more LED TVs, viral video sheepishly makes its debut

    Samsung, your viral videos are getting pretty good. And this definitely beats the gerbils. I mean, LED rigged sheep? That’s amazing. Oh, and your new LED TVs aren’t too shabby either. If you’re into 29mm thick TVs that are free of lead and mercury with reduced power consumption that is. Read More

  • Can Viral Videos Be Repeated?

    The nature of viral videos is that they are usually quirky and come out of nowhere. They somehow capture the zeitgeist of the Web and often involve dancing. But can the success of a viral video be repeated with a sequel? After all, these often don’t have brand-name stars or big marketing budgets. The conventional wisdom is that they are one-shot wonders. However, if a video gets… Read More

  • Bush Shoe-Dodging Video Already Watched More Than 5 Million Times On YouTube.

    The video of a man throwing his shoes at President George W. Bush during a press conference in Baghdad on Saturday is sure to live on in infamy for many reasons: the sheer brazenness of the act, the incredible lack of adequate security surrounding the President of the United States (a journalist had to take the shoe tosser down), and the sad commentary on the President’s standing in… Read More

  • Viral Video 101: Today's lesson, "Trying to make people look at the LG Secret"

    Yeah, I don’t know what’s up here either. It’s basically a “viral video” for the LG Secret which is supposed to show that the phone is indestructible. Why should we all care? I don’t know. Clearly wiser minds than ours have tackled the problem of selling a me-too cellphone to a bored and unruly populace and this is what they decided would get the most traction. Read More