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TechCrunch Experts: 3 articles on growth marketing and software development

We spoke with experts about viral growth and conversion optimization rates and chatted with one development shop about how it works with clients to ensure their ideas are brought to life.

When you need content to build links, use social proof of concept

Look at what type of topics, methodologies, designs, etc. have performed impressively in the past, learn from what they did and didn’t do well — then create something even better.

Alibaba challenger Pinduoduo is bringing imported goods to rural homes

Pinduoduo, the latest challenger to China’s ecommerce dominators Alibaba and, wants to bring affordable, imported items to shoppers in China’s smaller cities and rural areas. The th

The incredible rise of Pinduoduo, China’s newest force in e-commerce

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on TechNode, an editorial partner of TechCrunch based in China. From Alibaba to JD, China is not short of e-commerce powerhouses. Although the country’

How Bodyform Made Period Hell Funny On Facebook — And Clocked Up More Than Two Million YouTube Views In The Process

The holy grail of online marketing is a viral video campaign. And for good reason. Corporate 'design by committee' marketing departments aren't known for their Olympic-style archery skills for hitting

Flying People Spotted Over New York City…Film At Nine

In a recent publicity venture for <a href="" target="_blank">their new movie "Chronicle"</a>, 20th Century Fox enlisted the help of viral marketing agency <a href="

Photo report: Darth Vader promotes DoCoMo cell phones in weird campaign

<img src="" /> <a href="">NTT DoComo</a>, Japan's largest cell phone carrier (55 mi

Samsung Instinct promo campaign on Youtube (this is what I call viral marketing)

Sprint recently launched a clever promotion campaign for their Instinct, calling for users to somehow place the cell phone in home videos and then post them on YouTube (official tagline: “Sell o

NIN Tells RIAA To F*ck Off?

This, dear readers, is why I would actually pay for a CD. Whether or not you’re a fan of Nine Inch Nails is not in question, but whether or not you’re a fan of CDs is. Apparently, the new CD is sh