This adorable tiny record maker lets you cut your own 5-inch vinyl singles

Vinyl has been coming back for the last few years, but unlike MP3s, CDs or even cassette tapes (also coming back), records aren’t easy to record on your own. This tiny toy record maker makes it

Streaming accounted for nearly half of music revenues worldwide in 2018

The scales are about to tip in favor of streaming music becoming the number one driver of global recorded music revenues — a shift that appears to be on track for sometime this year. According t

The clever, absurd RokBlok rides your vinyl’s grooves like a hipster race car

Sometimes you see a gadget and think simultaneously, "that's insanely clever," but also just "that's insane." The RokBlok was one of those situations for me: Who but a mad genius would have thought of

Qrates lets you press your hot beats onto vinyl

Hello, fellow young people! I, like you, love vinyl. It offers richer, more realistic (pet) sounds and it is great for lugging from squat house to squat house and for sharing on a portable record play

Need A Portable Turntable? Meet the Crosley Revolution

<img src="" />Vinyl is not dead, friends, and the respected record player is not without modern updates. We've seen USB turn

Video: How vinyl records are made

<img src="">Vinyl records are making a comeback. Yeah, in the world of instant music downloads and portable music, a lot of music fans

Denon Japan releases turntable with built-in USB port

Denon Japan announced it will start selling a turntable [JP] that features a USB port to transfer music from analog records to USB memory sticks as digital music files at the beginning of next month.

Annoy everybody but yourself with portable DJ scratch pad

No, it doesn’t play records. No, there doesn’t seem to be any moving parts. No, it doesn’t plug in to anything. Yes, it is a credit card sized polypropylene scratch pad. Dubbed Plastinkuzz, this

Sony takes up where Sharper Image left off: Vinyl to USB turntable

The PS-LX300USB is one of the most exciting new inventions to come down the pike in a long time. See, it’s a record turntable that connects to a computer. Records are disks encoded with music or

ION Audio Releases Two Snazzy Turntables

iTTUSB05 If you’re not of the old guard of turntable enthusiasts and enjoy the atrocities of USB-powered turntables then ION has what you’re looking for. After all, vinyl has superior sound qualit

Video Games Hidden In LP Records

I’ve seen easter eggs before where small, fun games are embedded into other games or in machines of some sort, but this has to take the cake as far as hidden gems go. Back in the 1980s, computer

Don't Call It A Comeback (Actually, Go For It)

Everyone’s favorite liberal and entertaining talk station, NPR, ran a story this morning on how vinyl is making a comeback. The reason for those Talking Heads 7-inches coming back in style? NPR

Media Demagnetizer for the Rich

In the odd world of high-end audio, everything is a factor. Take this little device, for example. It’s a media demagnetizer that allows you to demagnetize everything from your vinyl to your priz

Wham! Meets The iPod Case

Admit it. You know you listened to a ton of Wham! back in the ’80s. What if you could get that actual record made into an iPod case? Still listening? Good. Contexture Design has released a slew