• How far we’ve come: The top 5 retro gadgets from the Vintage Computer Festival

    VR in the 90s? Computers with gears? TechCrunch brings you five of the coolest retro gadgets and gizmos from this weekend’s Vintage Computer Festival West XI at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Read More

  • Reissued Brings Vintage Shopping To Mobile

    Reissued Brings Vintage Shopping To Mobile

    Today, there are a number of ways to shop from your mobile phone ranging from big companies like Amazon and eBay down to individual e-commerce retailers. But a new application called Reissued, launching this morning, wants to make it easy for you to shop for vintage items. The company offers a curated marketplace featuring only vintage, rare and other one-of-a-kind items across a number… Read More

  • The Selectric: Typewriter Of Kings

    The Selectric: Typewriter Of Kings

    Technologizer has a great retrospective on one of the most powerful information creation machines ever built – the IBM Selectric. The result of “seven years of research,” the Selectric typewriter entered the national consciousness in 1961 and died only when its creator, IBM, began to create its electronic replacement. Read More

  • Guy Puts First Printing Of Dungeons And Dragons Up On eBay

    If you know your D&D history then you know the first run was very small and the boxes were made by Gary Gygax with some friends in his basement. This guy, who goes under the name Eruantien, has decided to pay some bills and sell this beautiful piece of history up on eBay. Read More

  • Apple I For Sale For $200K

    It’s almost payday, folks! Whip out your wallets and see if you can’t pick up this vintage Apple I, one of the original pieces made by Jobs and Wozniak during the great Apple-ing of 1976. It comes with a signed letter from Steve himself. Read More

  • Bell & Ross Vintage Original And Officer Watches

    For 2010 Bell & Ross reinvents the “nice watch” again. You’ll find a full (really full) selection of round cased watches to compliment their famous BR01 Instrument watches that come in large square cases. These new watches have confusing names that mix up “Vintage, Heritage, and Original,” but you can forgive that because the designs are so darn easy to love. Read More

  • A bunch of sweet vintage-y desk lamps for you to buy

    I may have thousands of dollars of specialized electronics sitting around my apartment, but I’m also a big fan of vintage stuff. I think there was a speet spot in the 60s where they were just making unbelievable lamps, for instance. And man could they make tables back before World War I. Sometimes you can pick these things up for peanuts, and sometimes it pays to have a little creativity… Read More

  • Vintage Paillard Bolex H8 camera gun on eBay

    Attention camera fanatics, ebay has a listing for you. The Paillard Bolex H8 Military Gun was apparently used by a Vietnam war reporter and survived. Wartime details about the equipment isn’t listed but just think of the history this camera might have recorded. The buyer gets a few more lens along the original documentation and a case too. But is it worth the $1,318 Buy It Now price? Read More

  • 1983: Byte Magazine reviews the very first Compaq clone PC – 28 pounds and portable!

    I’ll let the article do the talking here. Who doesn’t love this vintage computing stuff? I hardly understand most of it since I grew up with DOS, Windows 3.1 and Mac OS 6 more than anything else, but it’s great to take a trip to the deeper past every once in a while. My favorite part: The Compaq computer is designed to be portable, and although it weighs 28 pounds, it… Read More