Fintech Vint hopes to turn wine and spirits into a mainstream asset class

Fintech startup Vint thinks everyone should invest in wine and spirits and is hoping to facilitate such investments with the help of fresh seed funding.

Investors’ flight to safety and regulation creates tailwinds for passion assets

Startups are facilitating alternative investments in passion assets, such as fine wine and spirits.

Vint Opens Its Peer-To-Peer Fitness Marketplace In San Francisco

With a mobile app to connect people who want to work out with those who will train with them either in one-on-one or group sessions, Vint hopes to bring peer-to-peer to personal training. And it's lau

Vint, The P2P Marketplace For Training And Fitness Instructors, Raises $1.8M Led By Creandum

Hoping to pick up the slack left by people who want to get fit but find gym memberships too expensive or unproductive, Sweden's Vint is an iPhone <a target="_blank" href="">