Vint Cerf

Vint Cerf on the ‘exhilarating mix’ of thrill and hazard at the frontiers of tech

Vint Cerf has been a near-constant influence on the internet since the days when he was helping create it in the first place. Today he wears many hats, among them VP and chief internet evangelist at G

Backed by Vint Cerf, Emortal wants to protect your digital legacy from ‘bit-rot’

We are all pumping out data into the cloud. Some of it we’d like to keep forever. Emortal is a startup that wants to help you organize, protect, preserve and pass on your “digital legacy&#

Google’s Vint Cerf voices support for common criteria for political ad targeting

Google VP Vint Cerf has voiced support for a single set of standards for internet platforms to apply around political advertising. Speaking to the U.K. parliament’s Democracy and Digital Technol

ISS installs networking tech that may soon connect the whole Solar System

When you really need to get a signal in from Pluto, a direct connection isn't always possible. Oh sure, when it's a big project like New Horizons, you can make sure the line is clear and someone's lis

Google Fiber-Inspired Gigabit Challenge Unveils Winners; Senator Announces STOP SOPA Petition

Back in 2010, Google <a href="">announced plans to build out</a> a fiber-optic network for an entire city in the U.S., promising conne