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  • Dion Computers' Working A 4.8-inch Android Clamshell You'll Actually Want

    The chief problem with tiny clamshell computers like the Viliv N5 or UMID mbook BZ is Windows. The OS just doesn’t work well on really small screens or underpowered systems. However, Android does and that’s why I’m excited about this next round of clamshell devices particularly this one from Dion Computers Read More

  • Dynamism's Viliv N5 pre-order event starts today, order early and get a free battery

    The Viliv N5 is a fun little computer. The small and portable Windows 7 device doesn’t have many drawbacks and I’m starting to appreciate the form factor and 5 hour battery. It might be one of the best portable devices available that offers full, uninhibited access to the Internet. Anyway, Dynamism is about to fire up its pre-order servers and start taking orders for the N5 start… Read More

  • The UMID mbook SE ups the bar in the clamshell market

    UMID isn’t going to roll over and let the Viliv N5 take over the clamshell market. Nope, the there’s a new version of the mbook that trumps nearly every hardware spec found on Viliv’s current offering. Read More

  • Photo set: The Viliv N5 with random objects

    The Viliv N5 is a tiny full-feature Windows 7 PC. It’s really staggering to think that this pocketable device efficiently runs a desktop OS and there aren’t many compromises, either. Anyway, here’s a photo set of the tiny N5 against random things I found around my desk that properly show the N5’s small dimensions. Read More

  • The Viliv N5 gets priced and dated

    Interested in the Viliv N5 clamshell Windows PC? Well, pricing info for the handheld is finally available and it might cool your excitement a bit. It’s a tad pricey, but I must say that I’m really starting to enjoy the form factor after spending a few days with the N5. Read More

  • The Viliv N5 vs the UMID mbook BZ

    I have before me the two hottest clamshell PCs on the market: the Viliv N5 and the UMID mbook BZ. I’m not sure if hot is the right word seeing as I’m still not convinced there’s even a market for these devices, but let’s move on. The two are very similar. They both share the same form factor, target demographic, and functions and so what follows is my quest to… Read More

  • First impressions: Viliv N5 Ultra Mini Mobile PC

    Viliv is at it again. This time around the Korean manufacturer is going after the clamshell market with the N5. The self-described Ultra Mini Mobile PC is really just that — a truly mobile PC. This form factor isn’t exactly new as I just looked at the main competitor, the UMID mbook bz, just a few months back so I’m actually curious if the N5 brings anything novel to the… Read More

  • The Viliv N5 is now launching in June

    I’ve been patiently waiting for the Viliv N5 MID to launch after first getting a glimpse at it before CES ’10. I was hoping to be able to check it out this month as a rumor suggested back in March. But apparently that’s not going to happen. The little Windows 7 clamshell has been pushed back to June. Read More

  • Is the Viliv N5 launching in May?

    Viliv’s first clamshell is coming soon. We knew that. But the company was previously very quiet about when. Apparently though, the N5 could launch as soon as May. *fingers crossed* Read More

  • Viliv makes the N5 and S10 Blade official

    Feel free to check out the Viliv presser after the jump, but the only thing in there that wasn’t mentioned in the earlier leak is that that both models will be sold in brick and mortor stores. That’s a first for a Viliv product and will likely dramaticly increase awearness. But we still don’t have a price on these models yet. Stay tuned. Read More

  • Specs and pics of the Viliv N5, S10, HD5, and P3 surface pre CES 2010

    It looks like Viliv has a lot planned for CES 2010 this week. In true Internet fashion, most, if not all, of Viliv’s upcoming products leaked out today. The only thing missing are the prices and release dates. At least we have the specs for not only the multi-touch convertable S10 Blade netbook and N5 clamshell, but also all the info on the OLED, Android-equipped P3 and… Read More