• An aggregate review of aggregate review services

    Product review search engine Retrevo was selected to launch at DEMO yesterday and it’s pretty cool. We’ve written about competitor ViewScore here before and also launched this month is yet another similar service that just launched called Wize. All of these sites will help you find reviews of electronics and other products and each of them has a unique feature set that adds value… Read More

  • Review Aggregator

    makes a lot of sense. . The site then crawls the web – namely a few major review sites – and grabs the pertinent scores and information.
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  • Viewscore aggregates gadget reviews

    John Biggs over at CrunchGear wrote about an Israeli startup called Viewscore that aggregates product reviews of gadgets from around the web. He says it’s like the of gadgets. The cool technology here though is that the site normalizes numeric ratings across sites that use different scales (a number out of ten or up to five stars are converted to a score out of 100) and… Read More