Rumor: Google Wants To Acquire Facial Recognition Startup Viewdle For $30M

Google, according to a <a target="_blank" href="">report by Forbes</a>, has acquired <a target="_blank" href="http:/

Viewdle Releases SocialCamera For Android: Instant Photo Tagging, Sharing

<img src="" /> Visual analysis company <a href="">Viewdle</a> this morning launched an Android

Facial Recognition Tech Startup Viewdle Raises $10 Million From Best Buy, Others

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Facial recognition technology companies have been in the limelight lately, with <a href="http://www.crunchbase.

Is Google getting its ideas from the Ukraine? Maybe

Google recently introduced a new feature which created a lot of buzz – Anti Phishing Keys or email sender verification. However, it works only in Gmail. But are they gleaning ideas from a few st

Viewdle Funded by KIT Capital, Partners with ROO

Viewdle, a startup developing facial recognition technology for video, has received an unspecified amount of funding from KIT Capital. As part of the deal, Viewdle will partner up with ROO, another KI

TechCrunch 40 Session 1: Search & Discovery

Session one as follows, including our live notes. Powerset Powerset is a natural language search engine that can use everyday phrases and grammer to conduct more accruate web searches by understanding