• Vienna-based Speedinvest closes $10m fund to bridge the EU/Valley divide

    Slowly, but surely, Vienna is building its own reputation as a startup hotspot and eventually there might be a fight between Berlin, London, Copenhagen and Vienna, although London and Berlin are ahead at the moment. There have been a number of large exits driven by Austrian-born founders (exits from UCP, Jahjah, 3united and exceed 1 billion USD). Companies such as Wikitude, Runtastic… Read More

  • launches as a fashion game changer

    Garmz, a fashion startup that just launched in public beta after months of preparation, aims to change how fashion is being produced and distributed from the ground up. Besides having a nicely designed User interface, the startup wants to disrupt current models of the fashion industry. Young aspiring fashion designers mostly lack adequate outlets for their work and creativity. As in every… Read More