Twitch launches Clips so gamers can quickly share short videos of their favorite moments

Live streaming platform and gamer community Twitch is today launching a new feature that it hopes will help spread its content further afield. The company has now debuted Clips, a feature that lets we

Grammy-nominated rapper Wale discusses technology, startups, and social media

I recently sat down with Grammy-nominated rapper Wale to talk about his views on technology, social media, and the music industry. Like most artists, Wale has a dedicated following on all major social

Vimeo unveils its next set of Originals, including its first-ever feature film and concert

Vimeo is furthering its investment in original programming, the company announced this morning with the unveiling of the video network’s second slate of programs and films. The new batch includ

Two new apps, Daycap and VideoSlam, help you create GIFs and videos to remember your day

Two recently launched applications, Daycap and VideoSlam, make it easy to summarize your day in the format of videos or GIFs, which can then be shared out to social media. Do you need these apps o

Vimeo’s iOS app gets a big makeover aimed at improving discovery

Vimeo, the video network and underdog to the global behemoth that is YouTube, has given its iOS application a massive redesign today aimed at making it easier to upload, discover and play videos. A k

Amazon Studios Launches Amazon Storywriter, Free Cloud Software For Screenwriters

In an effort to expand its original video content, including movies and TV series, Amazon announced this morning the launch of a free, cloud-based screenwriting software program called Amazon Storywri

Vevo Follows YouTube Music’s Debut With An Upgraded Music App Of Its Own

Following today’s launch of the anticipated YouTube Music application, music video streaming app Vevo, which distributes videos to YouTube and counts Google as an investor, is also introducing a

Google Acquires Fly Labs To Join Its Google Photos Team

Today, Google acquired Fly Labs to join its Google Photos team. The company aimed to help people edit videos and photos and it sported 3 million downloads over the past 18 months. Their suite of apps

Disney To Launch A Subscription Streaming Service In Europe, Hints That Marvel & Star Wars Services Could Follow In U.S.

Disney will launch a digital subscription streaming service next month which will combine its movies, books, TV series, and music offerings into one bundle, according to a report today from The Financ

As Competition With YouTube Increases, Facebook Overhauls Its Video Analytics

It’s been said that Facebook Video is becoming bigger than YouTube, as brands upload more video directly to the social network than ever before. Now, Facebook is catering to the needs of video

Following FTC Complaints, Senator Nelson Asks Google For Answers On YouTube Kids App Content

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page on Tuesday asking the company to detail how it selects content for the YouTube Kids application, and what steps Google is taking to ensu

Jason Kilar’s Subscription Video Service Vessel Expands To Android

Vessel's video subscription service, headed by former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar and CTO Richard Tom, has today expanded to Android. The app is initially offered as an open beta available for download from

Backed By $4 Million, Bevy Debuts A Photo And Video Storage Solution The Whole Family Can Share

Families today often have more photo-taking devices than family members, which has led to the problem of people having massive numbers of photos and videos, none of which are properly organized and

Some Of The Best Video From CES 2015

CES is a huge show. While we focused on Hardware Battlefield, in truth we covered miles of convention center and shot hours of film. And we want you to watch some of the best of it. While you can enjo

The ‘Brief History Of Graphics’ Video Series Is Your Monday Morning Pong Pick-Me-Up

A video series by Stuart Brown of XboxAhoy has created one of the nicest mini-documentaries I’ve watched in a while. The five-part series that looks at computer graphics from Pong to Galaxian to

Smart Pipe Just Might Be The Best Waste-Based Startup Video Ever

Have you been concerned about your waste? Is it full of enough protein? Full of too much weird stuff like metal shavings or cat hair? Now there’s Smart Pipe. The system connects to your plumbing

Odysee Automatically Saves Your Mobile Photos And Videos To Your Home PC

A new application launching today called Odysee offers a different way for consumers to back up photos and videos from their smartphones. Instead of backing up to the cloud, which can be both pricey a

“VideoSelfie” Scores $1.2 Million For Its App Offering Real-Time Filters, GIFs And More

But I thought we were recording our video selfies on Instagram and Snapchat now? A soon-to-launch mobile application called VideoSelfie, whose founders participated in the 500 Startups accelerator las

Amazon Rolls Out A YouTube-Like “Video Shorts” Section On Instant Video

Amazon‘s Instant Video service has traditionally been thought of as both a rival to iTunes and Netflix, in terms of offering movies and TV shows for rent, purchase or for free streaming via the

Watch Hardware Hackers Fly A Drone Over The Burj Khalifa, The Tallest Building In The World

Robotics isn't all stomping metal men and robotic dogs - it's also about beauty. The folks from Team BlackSheep proved this by flying a powerful, long-range drone over the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. And w
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