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  • Lord Of The Rings Online Is Now Free-To-Play

    Lord of the Rings Online officially goes free-to-play today. Well, provided you don’t live in Europe. How does Warner Bros., the game’s publisher, make any money? Like most of these free-to-play games, the game itself is free, but you can purchase all sorts of extra bells and whistles from the game’s LOTRO Store. Read More

  • Wherein we talk about Tekken 6

    It’s unusual playing Tekken on anything but a Sony system. (I’m not counting Tekken Advance for the GameBoy Advance, and neither should you.) And yet here I am with Tekken 6 on the Xbox 360, using the same combos, with the same characters (that would be Bryan Fury and Law, if you’ll allow me to consider Forrest Law and Marshall Law the same character because, really, they… Read More