• Signia Venture Partners has $85 million in new funds to invest

    Signia Venture Partners has $85 million in new funds to invest

    Signia Venture Partners has closed its second fund at $85 million to lead early-stage deals in emerging tech startups mostly in and around San Francisco. For the unfamiliar, Signia is typically the first money in and the lead investor in the companies it backs, writing $1-2 million in seed stage deals or $2-8 million in later stage rounds. The firm was started in 2012 by Rick Thompson, the… Read More

  • Watch us beat the heck out of each other in Disney’s new fighter, Marvel Battlegrounds

    Tomorrow morning Disney will launch Marvel Battlegrounds, a new four-player superhero fighting game built on top of their Disney Infinity platform. Disney Infinity producer John Vignocchi stopped by TechCrunch HQ to give us an early peek… and things got intense. WHO WILL TAKE HOME THE IRON BELT?! Read More

  • Homemade handheld Ardu Game shakes it up with retro look

    Ardu Game by BricoGeek is a portable videogame made out of old parts. Using rescued buttons from a PSP the handheld sports some stylish vintage looks. An accelerometer is incorporated, which add a fun dimension to a simple ball game that was programmed for the machine. The source code is available on their site. All the juicy details of how it’s made and what is in it, here. via Make Read More

  • Mystery surrounds pulled Bungie E3 trailer: New Halo?

    Quick, someone get Columbo on the phone, we’ve got ourselves a veritable mystery that needs solvin’. Well, that may be a bit of a stretch, but some folks are wildly speculating over the fact that Microsoft withheld a Bungie trailer that was supposed to end its press conference last week at E3. Now, the only way that could happen, the only sway Microsoft has over Bungie, is if… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Zero Punctuation does it again, this time to the Wii I hate me some Wii, but Zero Punctuation is usually able to review Wii games without completely upsetting anyone but the most wankerish fanboys. This one is about Zach & Wiki, an adventure game. Read More

  • New Mexico wants to tax video games to make kids less giant

    [photopress:games_for_guns_mexico.jpg,full,center] If there’s one thing we’ve learned over and over again, it’s that you can’t tax people into changing their ways. They’ll still buy cigarettes, gas, and booze, but instead of buying less, they’ll just curse the government and vote for Ron Paul. New Mexico, though, hasn’t learned, as some of its… Read More

  • Hitachi predicts 4TB hard drives by 2011 (and an important public service announcement from me to you)

    That’s one big hard drive! Want a 4TB hard drive? Got four years to wait? Good, because that’s how long, according to Hitachi, it’ll take for us to see such drives, roughly keeping us on the double-storage-capacity-every-year track. Such a hard drive would be able to hold “more than a million” songs, says the BBC. (I have around 7,000 songs on my computer, which… Read More

  • Xbox Live Arcade Heads To PCs By Year's End

    I love announcements for announcements’ sake. Microsoft said at Gamerfest that it will, somehow, someway, release Xbox Live Arcade for the PC in time for the holidays. It didn’t say how it plans to implement this feature into its nascent Live for PC offerings—what games will be available, will already purchased games be transferrable and/or playable on the PC, etc.—but… Read More