• Why Did VideoEgg Buy Six Apart? To Create A New Modern Media Empire, Says CEO

    “The rules of media have completely been broken,” according to Say Media CEO Matt Sanchez. Because we’re no longer living in a world where print media is sold on a newstand and video media is only presented through cable television, everything is changing. And as old companies have to adopt to that change, there are opportunities for new empires to sprout up. And… Read More

  • VideoEgg Will Acquire Six Apart And Rename Itself SAY Media

    Advertising network VideoEgg will acquire blogging and advertising network Six Apart, and the combined entity will be renamed Say Media. The companies will officially announce the transaction tomorrow. VideoEgg CEO Matt Sanchez will run the combined entity as CEO. Six Apart CEO Chris Alden will step down. The SAY Media site will launch tomorrow, but we’ve included a screenshot of the… Read More

  • In A Year When Online Ads Slumped, VideoEgg Doubled Revenues To More Than $25 Million

    Last year was the first time the online advertising industry saw a slump in revenues (JP Morgan is estimating a 5.2 percent decline, although things looked like they started to stabilize in the third quarter). But for online advertising network VideoEgg, 2009 was a great year. According to CEO Matt Sanchez, the company “more than doubled” revenues to $25 million last year and… Read More

  • Attack of The Frames: VideoEgg Introduces The Twig Ad Bar

    Frames are definitely back. More and more Web apps like the Diggbar are using frames to overlay a thin toolbar on top of other Websites, and the practice is causing some controversy because frames are generally frowned upon as messy Web design. Today, VideoEgg is introducing a new ad unit called the Twig, which looks like a toolbar either at the top or bottom of a Web page. The Twig ad… Read More

  • Greystripe Hits 140 Million Mobile "AdverGame" Downloads

    Mobile game ad network Greystripe has hit 140 million ad-supported game downloads thanks to iPhone users. In the fourth quarter of 2008 alone, it supported 30 million downloads. All of these ad-supported and Greystripe says that over 50 percent of ad impressions are from iPhone games. The ads themselves have game-like characteristics designed to increase teh chances of consumers clicking… Read More

  • VideoEgg Extends Its Ad Network To the iPhone, Disses AdMob

    Those free iPhone apps will soon be filled with ads. VideoEgg is the latest ad network to extend its ads to the iPhone. The company is known for its video and social-app ads that entice people to click on them to open up a Flash window filled with videos, maps, or apps that let consumers learn more about a brand. VideoEgg only charges if a consumer engages with the ad. It is taking the… Read More

  • VideoEgg Launches New Video Ad Units. Maybe YouTube Should Pay Attention

    As YouTube struggles to make money on advertising, according to a story today in the Wall Street Journal, and reportedly may resort to pre-roll ads (which consumers hate, but advertisers love), maybe they should take a look at some of the innovative ad units coming out of VideoEgg. Today, VideoEgg is launching five new kinds of Web video ads. They are called: * LIVE: Use real-time RSS feeds… Read More

  • EMI Music Sues Hi5, VideoEgg and Ten Defendants To Be Named Later

    EMI, which is looking less like a music label and more like a lawsuit label, is at it again. This afternoon they filed a lawsuit alleging “massive and blatant” copyright infringement by Hi5, VideoEgg and ten John Doe defendants to be named later. The core of the suit is over copyrighted EMI content that appears on Hi5, particularly music videos. EMI is a particularly litigious company. Read More

  • VideoEgg: Rich Media Ads, Pay Only When Users Engage

    Videoegg, the one-time video startup that sort of competed with YouTube and sort of competed with BrightCove (very different companies), has basically transitioned itself into a very robust rich media advertising network. In August 2007 they started selling ad units for Facebook applications. Since then they’ve expanded to include advertising for many other sites, including Meebo… Read More

  • Advertising Giant WPP On The Prowl For Acquisitions: Spot Runner, VideoEgg Rumored As Potential Targets

    Advertising conglomerate WPP is looking to increase its Web advertising revenues through more acquisitions. Last year it purchased 24/7 Real Media for $649 million, and is currently making a run at Nurun, a Montreal-based interactive ad firm. But it may try to boost its Advertising 2.0 cred even further with more small acquisitions. The NY Post, not always the most reliable source but… Read More

  • Simpler Video Ads (for advertisers) With

    2007 has been a milestone year for video advertising with a gamut of companies attacking the opportunity from every which way. Today, a relatively new entrant into the contextual video advertising space, is announcing a new initiative with potential to propel it to the front of the pack. is letting advertisers without any video advertising experience jump right in with… Read More

  • Facebook To Launch Friend Grouping. Competition Can Suck.

    So Facebook will finally allow users to group friends and control information flow based on friend type. For guys like Robert Scoble, who have 5,000 friends (the limit), this may be a way to finally sort through the real friends from the fans. It’s a much needed feature that people have been requesting for a long time. It also shows the steady maturity of Facebook from a college network to… Read More

  • $15 Million For VideoEgg As They Redefine Their Business

    VideoEgg has just closed a $15 million series D round of funding led by Focus Ventures with WPP, Maveron, and August participating. VideoEgg cites plans to accelerate the development of their ad products and international sales network as the reasons behind the investment. VideoEgg started off as a white-label video host, powering some notable web properties such as AOL sites, Bebo, hi5… Read More

  • Ok, Ok. All Of You (even YouTube) Invented Video Overlay Ads "First"

    When I wrote a post earlier today suggesting that YouTube was not the first to use a Flash overlay advertisement for online video, I didn’t realize I’d be getting so many emails and comments disputing exactly who first invented the unit. VideoEgg has certainly been doing this for a year or so. In a comment to that post, though, an (unconfirmed) ex-YouTuber says the idea was… Read More

  • VideoEgg And Lots Of Others Call B.S. On YouTube

    VideoEgg’s overlay advertising system has been in the market for a year and is driving “significant” revenue for the company. it’s so successful, in fact, that they recently launched a Facebook advertising network based on the same technology. The idea is to use a Flash overlay advertisement with some basic information and graphics that takes up a small part of the… Read More

  • VideoEgg: Suddenly They're A Facebook Ad Network

    VideoEgg has been exceptionally good at thinking ahead in their business and changing strategies when it made sense. They launched in September 2005 as a way to publish video to the web from mobile and other devices. Soon they were allowing people to publish videos directly on the site, like YouTube. And they then aggressively pursued partnership deals to power the video feature on social… Read More

  • Video Ads: Every Startup Has A Different Solution

    It may seem weird, but I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when I see ads in my viral video. eMarketer expects online video advertising to nearly double in 2008 to $1.3 billion, but no one’s really nailed a scalable ad platform for video. However, Google’s been quietly testing their own system and there are a bunch of other startups tackling it as well. There are a couple… Read More

  • VideoEgg Hits 3 Million Uploads

    VideoEgg and its content delivery network Akamai Technologies have announced this morning that the two companies have passed 3 million video uploads together.  Akami provides the webcam capture and video uploading service for users of some AOL sites, Bebo, hi5, Piczo, myYearbook, Dogster, Tagged and others.   VideoEgg says it’s now serving 15 to 20 million video streams each day. … Read More

  • Piczo Announces Partnerships – Growth Still Strong

    San Francisco based Piczo, a social network for young teenagers, continues to add 35,000 new registered users per day, and claims 2 billion monthly page views. We first covered them back in September, where we compared them with the other major social networks. The UK continues to be Piczo’s biggest market, accounting for 40% of users and 50% of page views (see TechCrunch UK coverage of… Read More

  • VideoEgg bringing video recording to Bebo, Dogster and more

    The very cool video capture service VideoEgg is announcing today that they have entered into agreements to provide their easy video creation tool to a wide range of social networking sites including Bebo, Dogster, Tagged, Hi5, and AOL. The VideoEgg client captures and transcodes video from almost any device you can find and makes posting it to the web really easy. VideoEgg is to… Read More