• Star Trek XI teaser

    Winona Ryder? At least Spock is back. Read More

  • Vista, you're so silly

    It’s Friday and the news is sloooooow. Read More

  • GeekBrief.TV #295

    On Brief #295 is a gadget booth tour. We started at the Belkin booth where we learned about the Podcast Studio. It’s a stereo recorder that uses an iPod as the hard drive. Next I stop by Apple’s MacBook Air display. I’m considering selling my MacBook Pro and getting one. Finally, I stopped by the G-Technology booth. G Technology makes my favorite portable hard drive, the… Read More

  • Lego gumball sorting machine

    Say you needed to sort gumballs by color. Say you were colorblind like Hickey or your sorting fingers were mangled in a thresher? What should you do? Well, the best solution is to build a Mindstorms NXT robot to sort your gumballs for you and, potentially, encourage you sort out your damn priorities, nerd. Sorry. Actually, I’m jealous of this guy simply because I always wanted to do… Read More

  • LG Rumor video review I was going through my things this week and I found a fairly cool entry-level phone that I never even reviewed. It’s the LG Rumor and it’s a great messaging phone — not as bulky as the Sidekick and much cheaper (about $75 with contract). I kind of miss reviewing “fun” phones like this without all the bells… Read More

  • Macbook Air: Why the hell not? Yeah, fine. I’m a sucker for parody. via CH Read More

  • We want more porn: The jam of 2008 (so far)

    I’m sitting at the airport in San Francisco, where I’ve been since early this morning, as every flight I need to be on is cancelled or, as is my current flight, delayed by hours and hours. Thankfully, my friend Shanon posted this gem on MySpace that cheered me up, i hope it has the same effect on you. Thanks, Shanon! Read More

  • GeekBrief.TV #294

    I’ve had the opportunity to talk with some of the top talkers in the tech world. My all time favorite has to be Patrick Norton. I like him because he talks fast and because he’s got that compelling X-factor quality that can’t be easily explained or understood. I met up with him at the booth to talk about what to me seems like irrational disappointment in this… Read More

  • Steve Jobs is a mean, mean man Poor Violet Blue! All she wanted to do was take a picture with Steve Jobs and his highness told her she was rude and blew her off. Just so you don’t think she tried to share some… Read More

  • The Internet!

    Six free emails! Screensaver! Napster! via Gawker Read More

  • How soon is too soon to equate HD DVD to fallen Hitler's Reich? Not soon enough, apparently

    Luckily, this “Hitler railing against Flight Simulator/Quake/AMD” meme has been sufficiently subsumed that we can look past the obvious nastiness — Hitler — and enjoy the subtitles. via BB Read More