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Leaked TikTok ad deck suggests it has 17M+ MAUs in Europe

With its goofy video loops, YC backed Splish wants to be the ‘anti-Instagram’

Is there any space on kids’ homescreens for another social sharing app to poke in? Y Combinator backed Splish wants to have a splash at it (😊) — with a super-short-form video and photo

Casey Neistat’s video app Beme has finally left beta and is now on Android

When Casey Neistat launched his new social networking app Beme last Summer, nothing was really ready yet. The product was underdeveloped, the team understaffed, and users weren’t exactly sure

Vidme, An Imgur For Video, Grabs $3.2 Million

Vidme, a video sharing application which is a lot an Imgur for video, as it also has a strong connection with the Reddit community, has raised $3.2 million in new funding, the company is announcin

Vidme Brings Anonymous Video Sharing To Web, iPhone & Android

Following the <a href="">backlash</a> against YouTube's merging with Google+ for <a target="_blank" href="

Line Adds Vine-Style Clip Maker & Video Calling To Its Mobile Messaging Platform

The largest mobile messaging apps are increasingly social platforms in their own right. There is more evidence of that today as Line Corporation has added yet another feature to its platform play. Sna

Viki Moves In On Chinese Audiences With Two New Video Deals

Video sharing site, Viki, is continuing its push into China with two new video distribution deals with Chinese video-on-demand sites, LeTV and Xunlei Kankan. This move follows its first distribution d

After Its Porn Problem, Twitter-Owned Vine Adds 17+ Age Rating To Video Sharing App

Vine, the Twitter-owned video sharing iOS app which lets users knit together snippets of video to create six second loops, has had its user age rating increased to 17+. The increase was bundled in a v

Keek Raises $18M, Adds 6M Users In 30 Days And Looks To Expand Mobile Video Sharing Further Internationally

Keek, the Toronto-based social video sharing startup that emphasizes communication over entertainment through bite-sized 36-second smartphone movie clips, today announced an $18 million funding round,

Video-Sharing Startup Launches Into Public Beta With New iOS App

<a href=""></a>, the video-sharing startup (and stars of Bloomberg's TechStars reality show), is today exiting out of its private alpha phase and launching into a public beta

Best Buy grabs minority stake in 'Mydeo' video service

Best Buy is now in the video hosting game, thanks to UK-based Mydeo. Mydeo is basically a service that allows you to upload your videos to it and then share them with friends, loved-ones, and hangers-

AT&T Video Share Service Now Live

You’ll be able to stream bitchin’ videos like this while on the phone with your buddies If you’re an AT&T user and are lucky enough to live in one of the 160 selected markets cho