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  • Video Review: Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 23-inch LED backlit monitor

    Short Version: Samsung’s SyncMaster XL2370 is a 23-inch LED backlit monitor that retails for around $300. At under eight pounds and less than two inches thick, there’s a lot to like here. Read More

  • Video Review: Delta Pilar ToucH2O CrunchGear – Delta Pilar ToucH2O review from John Biggs on Vimeo. I present to you the Delta Pilar ToucH2O, an touch sensitive tap. I’ve seen it online for about $400 so you have to really want to be able touch your tap… Read More

  • An infinite supply of black socks

    Thank the maker that we live in an age when we can order anything online and have it delivered right to our door. Even better, subscription services free us from the tedium of having to remember to actually go buy stuff. Today, friends, I’m pleased to let you know that the magic of Internet shopping and the convenience of subscription services have merged together for the benefit of… Read More

  • Video Review: Mode RCC-1075 all-in-one recycling center

    The Mode All-In-One Premium Recycling Center is a recycling solution designed to help ease the burden of recycling. With 13 gallons of total capacity divided into a 5 gallon paper bin and an 8 gallon bin for glass, plastic, and metal, the RCC-1000 makes it easy to separate your recyclables. It also includes a unique compaction system, a nifty system to track how much you’ve recycled, and… Read More

  • Video Review: be.ez LA besace Lime Drop laptop bag

    Behold, ladies and gentleman, the LA besace Lime Drop bag from be.ez. It comfortably holds your 15″ MacBook. and looks great doing it. Don’t look like every other chump with a Targus or SwissGear laptop bag. Click on through to watch a fun and educational video! Read More

  • Video Review: Vestalife Butterfly Dock for iPod

    The Vestalife Butterfly is an $80 iPod dock with no remote control and so-so sound quality. The build quality is okay, but the whole getup looks like it should be hanging over a baby’s crib. If it cost $30 or $40 it’d be a whole different story, but at $80 this one’s truly for butterfly enthusiasts and family members of Vestalife employees only. Read More

  • Video Review: Batter Blaster pancakes in a can

    I took a deep personal interest in Batter Blaster when I first covered it way back in October of 2007. At that time it was only available in the San Francisco area and, after what seemed like eons, I finally saw Batter Blaster in a grocery store here in Boston last night. Hit the jump to check out a video review of the Batter Blaster pancakes in a can. Read More

  • Video Review: Onion Goggles

    It must be pretty cool to be a professional inventor. Chris Hawker, the guy who runs Trident Design in Columbus, OH, is a professional inventor and has brought us the Power Squid and the Thirsty Light. He’s also responsible for Onion Goggles, which I review in this brief video. Read More

  • Video Review: Eventide ModFactor and TimeFactor

    The TimeFactor and the ModFactor are two stompboxes from Eventide that I got a chance to try over the past few weeks. I love audio gear – I’m not good at using it in practice, but it’s nice to know it’s out there – so these were are kinds of fun. Read More

  • Video Review: Jasman's Halo 3 Plasma Pistol and Rifle It’s so rare to actually have actual child-like fun with the gadgets we get in that I had to put together this silly video. The Jasman toys are… Read More