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Sling Studio makes multi-camera video production so damn easy

Tito Hamze gives an in-depth review of the Sling Studio, a multi-camera production studio that turns your existing cameras wireless and makes your phones into cameras with the ability to control every

SteadXP wants to add image stabilization magic to any camera

Hand-holding video always seems like such a good idea until you're watching the footage back in the editing suite. Wobblycam is a pain in the backside and can take forever to fix in post-production. T

Cloud-based video production platform 90 Seconds lands $7.5M Series A led by Sequoia India

Despite the increasing ubiquity of online videos, making a professional-looking one is still a complicated process that usually involves chains of emails and uploads. 90 Seconds wants to fix that prob

Switcher Studio turns your iPad into a live video editing studio

While improvements in camera-phone technology have led to our mobile devices slowly but surely replacing clunky single-purpose cameras, most heavy editing and production still has to be done on deskto

QuickFire TV Helps Broadcasters Get The News Out Faster

Getting video online before your competitors is more important than ever, for better or for worse. Launching today at the Disrupt Battlefield, QuickFire TV claims to transcode video ten times faster t

Webcasting Provider Livestream Releases New Studio-In-A-Box Video Production Hardware

<a target="_blank" href="">Livestream</a>, one of the leading video companies enabling live web broadcasts, is taking a big leap today into the hardware business by offering

James Cameron: The Future Of 3D Will Be Defined By TV

Blockbuster movie director <a href="">James Cameron</a> made the <a href="">top two</a> worldwide grossing fi