video glasses

  • Vuzix AV310 video eyewear to do 16:9 widescreen

    And now to talk about video glasses that push everything out in glorious 16:9. The AV310 from Vuzix will cost $249.95 (not bad, not bad), replicate a 52-inch screen as viewed from nine feet, feature independent adjustment for each of your eyeballs, and work for up to five hours on a single AA battery. The glasses hook up to just about anything with video output. All iPod models are also supported. Read More

  • Thanko finally releases a non-crappy gadget, the "video glass media player"

    Wonders never cease: Thanko, our favorite Japanese crap vendor, now actually offers something useful for a change. Their so-called “video glass media player”, essentially sun glasses that can be used to watch movies, view pictures and listen to music, have been on sale since last week. Read More

  • Review: Myvu Crystal video eyewear for iPod

    You know what? If I were to buy a television for the sole purpose of playing video games and I didn’t expect any friends to ever drop by (no two-player action), I might just consider picking up a pair of video glasses like these instead. Read More

  • Upcoming Vuzix video glasses do 4-player splitscreen

    Congratulations on a good idea, Vuzix. The new iWear AV920-C video glasses support up to four players and will show each player his or her respective corner of the multi-player screen. Great for games like…um…Doom, as seen in the Vuzix promotional photo on the left. The glasses can connect to any NTSC or PAL video input and up to four sets can be daisy-chained together for a… Read More