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  • What Games Are: Reinventing The Games Console Half Way Won’t Work

    What Games Are: Reinventing The Games Console Half Way Won’t Work

    You’ve got to feel bad for Microsoft. After years spent trying to find ways to expand its Xbox idea, it’s now having to revert some of them and go back to being a regular old games console. The company has run into a hard truth: In the minds of the market “console” means something specific, and the market is not inclined to expand its thinking. Read More

  • Amazon Video Games Store Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Pre-Orders Top 2,500 Per Minute Following E3

    Amazon Video Games Store Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Pre-Orders Top 2,500 Per Minute Following E3

    Amazon has seen a significant amount of interest in upcoming next-generation consoles, with pre-orders for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 skyrocketing in the wake of E3 and their initial availability on the site. The pre-order volume broke records for the Amazon Video Games store, resulting in a 4,000 percent year-over-year increase vs. console pre-orders during E3 last year. Read More

  • All Games Are (In A Sense) Violent

    All Games Are (In A Sense) Violent

    In the wake of a mass shooting or terrorist attack the question of video game violence is raised. Games are often portrayed as little more than drug-addiction meets murder-simulator, and we game makers apologise endlessly. But we are not really being true to ourselves by adopting these apologist positions. In a sense all games are inherently violent. And this is a good thing. Read More

  • The Gameplay Is The Gameplay. Always.

    The Gameplay Is The Gameplay. Always.

    Most of the talk around games tends to focus on climate. It’s about finding the right customers, funding, platform, business model, partnerships, metric and discovery solutions, technology, route to market and so on. However every always says that the first rule of making games is to make sure that the game is fun. Without a fun game there’s no rule two. True, but what does… Read More

  • GameStop Launching 80 Holiday Pop-Up Store Locations For Kids (And Kids At Heart)

    GameStop Launching 80 Holiday Pop-Up Store Locations For Kids (And Kids At Heart)

    Gamestop today announced plans to launch 80 new holiday concept stores called GameStop Kids across the U.S., offering kid-friendly shopping experiences. The storefronts will sell video games, but focus on accessories, licensed good like plush toys, and collectibles. Judging by the product list, however, this looks like a store designed not only for actual children, but for anyone with a love… Read More

  • Is Your Game Crowd-Ready?

    Is Your Game Crowd-Ready?

    Several people have contacted me and asked whether such-and-such a game would work with crowdfunding, or whole sectors. Could educational games benefit from crowdfunding, for example. Or what about game-like projects, or gaming hardware innovations? The answers to these questions have little to do with the product itself. They are driven by what I call marketing stories. Read More

  • The San Francisco Games Revolution Is Over

    The San Francisco Games Revolution Is Over

    The Bay Area is the epicentre of a massive disruption which shook the games industry to its foundation. It erupted through what we call social and mobile games, drew huge audiences and changed the fundamental economics of games and introduced a whole new language of play. It even went beyond games into what we now call gamification. I call it the San Francisco Revolution. And I think… Read More

  • We Have All Become Parallel Gamers

    We Have All Become Parallel Gamers

    If you really want to become a hated figure in GamerVille, predict the doom of single player games. This is territory that Frank Gibeau from Electronic Arts inadvertently strayed into this week when he declared that he now only commissions games that connect to the cloud. The gaming press in general read this as EA saying it would no longer make single player games like Mass Effect, and… Read More

  • Amazon: Video Game Revenue Down, Physical Book Sales Up

    Amazon: Video Game Revenue Down, Physical Book Sales Up

    Amazon CFO Tom Szkutak offered more details this afternoon during an analyst earnings call about the company’s disappointing fourth quarter When it comes to physical media, Szkutak said the biggest hit to revenue came in the area of video game sales, which includes both console and game sales (but not games sold digitally, say from Amazon’s app store). Even though he didn’t… Read More

  • Overview: Japan’s Video Game Market In 2011 (Sales, Hardware, Software)

    Overview: Japan’s Video Game Market In 2011 (Sales, Hardware, Software)

    Japan’s video game industry is the world’s second biggest (after the US), but it’s on a downward streak for the fifth consecutive year. Based on sales, the country’s video game industry has contracted by as much as 8% year-on-year, Japan’s biggest gaming magazine Famitsu is reporting [JP]. Between December 27, 2010 and December 25, 2011, Japanese game… Read More

  • Japan Video Game Charts: Bestsellers In First Half Of 2011, This Week Topped By LA Noire

    Japan Video Game Charts: Bestsellers In First Half Of 2011, This Week Topped By LA Noire

    It’s the middle of the year, and the Famitsu [JP], Japan’s (and probably the world’s) biggest video game magazine, decided it’s a good time to release the top 10 of the best-selling video games in Japan in the first half of this year, apart from a list of the top selling titles this week. Read More

  • Dragon Age 2 Comes To The Mac On Day One

    The original Dragon Age was a pretty good game — lots of free roaming, but also precise timelines. It wasn’t uncommon to spend 90+ hours in the main story, but at least the story had substance, just a bit long. Today, Dragon Age 2 released, and continuing on the steam from the first, BioWare has released the game for PC, Xbox 360, PS 3 and Mac OS X simultaneously. Read More

  • For Your Protection: Vietnam Bans Late-Night Gaming

    It’s not the best time to be a gamer in Vietnam. The country’s government, by way of the Ministry of Information and Communication, has decreed that ISPs there block access to online games between the hours of 10pm and 8am. No late-night raiding for you, I’m afraid. Read More

  • Games Industry Down 5 Percent In January (But Kinect Is Doing Fine)

    Everybody panic. The video game industry was down 5 percent this past January compared to January 2010, even if Activision still managed to sell an inordinate number of Call of Duty: Black Ops copies. Read More

  • Portal 2 Now Available For Pre-Order

    Valve has released the details surrounding pre-ordering Portal 2. The game is available for pre-order right now on Steam (and other retailers), and if you pre-order the game they’ll knock $5 off the price, bringing it down to $45. Read More

  • Video Game Leaks: The Long & Ignoble History

    It’s not the first time this has happened, and it most certainly won’t be the last time. A reasonably complete build of Crysis 2 (reports suggest people have already beaten the game) leaked at the weekend, prompting Crytek, the game’s developers, to release a statement saying that it, along with EA, the game’s publisher, was “deeply disappointed by the… Read More

  • Crysis 2 Dev Build Leaks

    It would appear that Crysis 2 for the PC has leaked in some capacity. A quick look at some of the more popular sites when it comes to this kind of thing suggests that many thousands of people have no problem downloading Crytek’s unfinished game, which is due for release next month. Well, was due for release next month—who knows how this leak will affect development? Read More

  • Analyst: Prepare Yourselves For A Pay-To-Play Call Of Duty

    Now here’s a rumor that will stop many people in their tracks. An analyst at Wedbush Securities, “one of the largest securities firms and investment banks in the nation,” says that he’s “certain to [his] core” that Activision is planning a pay-to-play Call of Duty. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of millions of gamers around the country… Read More

  • Guitar Hero Didn't Die A Natural Death, But Was Killed By Myopic Greed

    Kudos to Activision for doing exactly what so many people had been predicting for years now. The world’s biggest video game publisher said yesterday that it was going to “disband Activision Publishing’s Guitar Hero business unit,” citing a decline in interest in the music game genre. And what could possibly be the reason for that, hmm? Maybe releasing sequel after… Read More

  • In 2011, PC Gamers Will Regain Their Place In The Sun

    Let it be known that 2011 will be the year that console gamers will be jealous of their PC gaming brethren. (As if that matters, but whatever.) Red Orchestra 2, Crysis 2, and the mighty Battlefield 3 will be best experienced on the PC, and if you’re sitting there on your couch, controller in hand, you’re really not getting the full experience. Sorry. Read More

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