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Researchers propose theory on why touchscreen controls in mobile games are the worst

I know we're supposed to be all done talking about Flappy Bird, but I think it's justified to bring it up when it appears in a research paper about why games like Flappy Bird are so hard — and so fr

YouTube Gaming expands to new markets, improves its browsing and viewing experience on mobile

YouTube Gaming, the video network’s dedicated application for streaming and recorded game videos, and competitor to Amazon-owned Twitch, this morning announced an expansion into several more m

Fallout 4 Is More Powerful Than Porn

Pornhub, an internet web portal site for videos of people that are naked doing things, which I have never ever visited, ever, shared some interesting traffic. Speaking of things I don't do, a game cal

Android Users Can Now Record And Publish Their Video Gameplay From The Google Play Games App

Google is doubling down on its investment in its Twitch competitor, YouTube Gaming, with today’s launch of a new feature in its Google Play Games app that will allow users to record and share t

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Turns 30

OK, I’m old. You’re probably feeling old. Let’s get that out of the way. Done. The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) turns 30 today, as it was officially launched in North American

Here’s A Close Look At Disney Infinity 3.0’s Star Wars Rise Against The Empire Play Set

Disney knows a it has a good thing going with its Infinity line of interactive toys, which is way it wasted little time integrating Star Wars into the franchise. The new Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition a

TC GameCast Episode 5: Oculus Rift And Picking A Game Console

This week Darrell Etherington, Ed Zitron, and I spent most of the podcast talking about the Oculus Rift, with a slight detour into the world of consoles in the latter half.

TC GameCast Episode 4: Bargains, Free-To-Play, And Trends In AAA

After taking a break for the holidays and CES, the TC GameCast returns with an episode about getting your money's worth in gaming.

Game Developers Report Growing Profits And Interest In Esports

The gaming industry appears to be in strong shape, according to a recent survey of 2,000 North American developers. The study, conducted by the Game Developers Conference, states that 41 percent of

TC GameCast Episode 3: Open Worlds And Picking A Gaming PC

This week we've got a very special, very delayed episode of the TechCrunch GameCast. Darrell Etherington, Ed Zitron, and myself chatted about open-world games, noting the best of side quests, getting

Minecraft Is Getting A Standalone “Story Mode” In 2015

Telltale Games has announced on its blog that it's working with Minecraft developer Mojang to create a series of games set in the world of the blocky hit franchise.

We Tried Zombie-Survival Game Dying Light On The Oculus Rift

Last week, I got an early look at first-person zombie-survival game Dying Light, which arrives on PC and consoles in February. This wasn't your run-of-the-mill demo, however — Techland, the studio b

TC GameCast Episode 2: Storytelling In Game Of Thrones And Dragon Age

Last week on the TechCrunch GameCast, Darrell Etherington, Ed Zitron, and myself discussed storytelling in gaming, using recent releases as lenses to look at different approaches in vogue today.

Kamcord Raises $15M As It Ramps Up Its Expansion In Asia

Mobile video game recording service Kamcord has raised a $15 million Series B round of funding from GungHo, Tencent, Wargaming, and several other investors. This follows a $7.1 million Series A in May

MediaSpike Gave Us A Quick Look At Native Ads In Virtual Reality

MediaSpike, a startup that helps developers place products in broadly popular games for iOS and Android, thinks that virtual reality is going to have a broad audience across these different use cases.

Watch A Tech Blogger Play Against Charli XCX In Just Dance 2015

The wonderful Charli XCX stopped by TechCrunch HQ this morning for a quick interview and a round of Just Dance 2015.

TC GameCast Episode 1: Jumping Into World Of Warcraft And Wreaking Havoc In Far Cry 4

On our premiere episode of the TechCrunch GameCast, I was joined by PR guy (and former games journalist) Ed Zitron to talk about two of our favorite games that came out in November: World of Warcraft:

Far Cry 4 Review: A Quirky Open-World Shooter You’ll Want To Explore

Launching today, Far Cry 4 is the latest in Ubisoft's franchise of first-person shooters set in exotic locales. It takes place in a big, beautiful open world roughly based the area around the Himalaya

Hands-On With Super Smash Bros. For Wii U

Later this week, Nintendo launches Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the fifth game in the wildly popular fighting game franchise that brings together all the company's biggest characters. We've had a chan

A Gift Guide For The Core Gamer Who Wants It All

Do you like games? Do you also like playing them, regardless of surroundings, access to power, Wi-Fi or a clean water supply? We’ve got you covered, with a list of must-haves for those who&#8217
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