video curation

  • Google I/O: ShortForm Curates Sandbox Startup Demo Videos Into A Single Channel

    Google I/O, Google’s developer (cough, nerd) conference, comes to San Francisco next Tuesday for two days of peace, love, panels, and coding. Each year, the conference plays host to its so-called “Sandbox”, in which developers and startups demo their apps, code, and technical delights. This year, thanks to ShortForm, a video curation community, those startup demos can all… Read More

  • Video Curation Is Growing Up, ShortForm Hits One Million Visitors

    With 35 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, the Google-owned video behemoth would be the second largest search engine were it standalone site. Web video has become a powerful medium. But, I think it’s also fair to say that this powerful medium is in serious need of curation. What if you’re just looking for a quick laugh, a short video, and don’t want to wade… Read More