Video Cameras

Thanko Sells Underwater Video Camera Goggles

<img src="" /> Have you ever wanted to shoot video while you were out diving in the ocean? But using a waterproof video ca

Thanko Sells HD Video Camera Sunglasses

<img src="" /> Do you want to wear sunglasses while being able to shoot videos in a discreet way at the same time? Tokyo-b

The Teradek Cube Lets Almost Any Video Camera Livestream Over 4G (Video)

The Teradek Cube is a sort of Livestream pack, like what we used at CES, that enables one to connect their camera of choice to the world. It’s sort of like Qik, but much, much better quality. Th

EXEMODE 3DV-5WF: The World Gets Another Cheap 3D Camcorder

<img src="" /> Tokyo-based camera maker <a href="">Exemode</a> yesterday announced the <a

HDC-TM650: Panasonic Announces Another (Japan-Only) 3D Camcorder

<img src="" /> Panasonic caused a splash in the blogosphere yesterday when it announced <a href="

The CHOBI CAM is one ultra-small video camera

<img src="" /> Tokyo-based Japan Trust Technology (JTT) today announced the <a href="

Hello Kitty camcorder

<img src="" /> Japanese camera maker Exemode <a href="">announ

Panasonic announces world's lightest full HD camera, targets it at women

<img src="" /> Panasonic yesterday <a href="

Sanyo outs two new full HD Xacti "dual cameras"

<img src="" /> Sanyo <a href="">announced</a> two new "dual cameras" (camcorder

Dash Cam does up to 48 hours of 720×480 recording

<img src="">I bet that on your daily commute to work you've often thought to yourself, "Man, this is EXCITING!

Review: Vue Personal Video Network

When I saw the Vue Personal Video Network a few months ago, I was impressed. The system is dead simple to install. You plug in a base station, sync two little wireless cameras that run on tiny batteri

Beta Test: AVC LiveLine IP Camera

Advanced Video Communications may have a winner on its hands with the internet-connected LiveLine video camera. Simple setup, a low $10-per-month access fee, and a fairly straightforward user experien

Head-mounted ‘Third Eye’ camera

<img src="">This insanely-priced video camera straps to your head with an elastic band and captures video at a miniscule 320x240 resol

Diving mask captures HD video

<img src="">Hot damn, I kind of wish I snorkeled more. I did it once and haven't done it since. I gotta get back into i

Wired finally goes all out on the RED

I have to say, the Wired I used to love would have covered the RED camera about two years ago when it was all buzz, phantom tech, and prototype sensors, and not now when it is essentially an establish

10 Days of CrunchGear: Small Wonder, big fun-der

Everybody should probably have one of these. If I see another cell phone video on the internets, I’m going to yak. Why take booty 160×120 10fps video when you can take (I’m assuming)

Flip video recorder #1 according to NPD

According to NPD research, the Flip is the #1 selling camcorder in the US, beating out such stalwarts as Sony and JVC. The Flip is the YouTube compatible video camera that is so simple even a retarded

In-car video camera with GPS, Google Earth playback

I don’t have any children but from what I’ve heard, they’re quite a nuisance. If you have kids that are just starting to drive a car, why not purchase this dash-mounted camera with built-in GPS

DXG's 567V HD camcorder could give the Flip a run for its money

DXG, “the digital camera company,” has thrown its Cowboy hat into the increasingly crowded direct-to-YouTube video cameras space. Its 567V shoots video at 30 frames per second with a 1280×720

Flip 'Mino' flash-based camcorders available today

The Flip Mino is officially available today. It’s the smaller, more pocketable successor to the popular and easy-to-use Flip series of digital camcorders. With a built in rechargeable lithium io
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