Judge Throws Out Viacom Case Against YouTube (Court Document)

<img class="shot2" src="" alt> The long-standing, $1 billion copyright infringement case against YouTube by Viacom is now pretty much ov

Viacom Seems To Be Misrepresenting YouTube Founder's Call To "Steal It!"

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" />We're still going through these recently released YouTube/Viacom litigation <a href="

YouTube Defense: Viacom "Secretly Uploaded" Content, And They Tried To Buy Us

<img src="" class="shot2"> Earlier today, several previously sealed legal documents in the longstanding copyright infringement lawsuit

Fake Steve Jobs, Larry Charles Working On EPIX Silicon Valley Comedy Series

<p style="text-align:center;"><img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" /> <a href="">Dan Lyons</a>, the Newsweek

Hulu, Colbert, And The Recentralization Of Video On The Web

<img src=""> When <a href="">Hulu</a> first <a href="

Netflix inks deal with Viacom to stream South Park, other shows

<img src="" alt="" />Today, Viacom and Netflix announced a new agreement that will bring hit shows from various Viacom networks, like

The Digital Divisions Are Dead At Big Media

<img src="" width="215" height="112" /> Big Media's love affair with the Internet ebbs and flows with the markets. When they see

Rejoice! Viacom and Time Warner prevent blackout!

<img src=""> Time Warner subscribers almost, <em>almost</em> lost some of the best cable networks if a deal hadn't been stru

MTV Networks Buys The Rest Of DIY Social Networking Platform Flux (Social Project)

<img src="" /> MTV Networks has acquired the remaining portion of Social Project that it did not already own. Terms were n

MTV Wants To Sell Ads On Like-Minded Sites

<img src="" alt="MTV" /> It is not enough to be a destination site anymore. Everyone now wants to become an ad network. <a href="">

DailyCandy Bought by Comcast for $125 Million

Silicon Alley Insider is reporting that Comcast has bought newsletter service DailyCandy for an unconfirmed $125 million. The site caters to women interested in fashion, food, travel and other cosmopo

Google/Viacom Agree To Preserve User Anonymity In Data Shakedown

The Google-Viacom showdown over the handover of YouTube user data appears to be over. The two sides agreed to changes in a previous ruling that would have required Google to hand over user id’s,

The Issue Of Trust Is With Google, Not Viacom

Earlier this month Louis L. Stanton, the senior judge on the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, ordered Google to hand over YouTube user log data to Viacom to help Via

Department of Civil Disobedience: Google Should Deliver Its YouTube Data to Viacom in Paper Form

The recent court order directing Google to hand over data to Viacom about every YouTube video ever watched strikes many people as an absurd overreach of the law into the privacy of anyone who has ever

Judge Protects YouTube's Source Code, Throws Users To The Wolves

The ongoing Google/YouTube-Viacom litigation has now officially spilled over to users with a court order requiring Google to turn over massive amounts of user data to Viacom. If the data is actually r

Viacom's studios look to Internet for future pay TV distribution

Viacom’s Hollywood studios, which include Paramount and Lionsgate, are gonna give that Internet thing another go. Since its contract with Showtime ended, Viacom wants to explore new ways to dist

What Media Company Gained the Most Market Share in 2007? (Hint: It Starts With a G).

When it comes to market share gains in advertising dollars, Google outstripped every other media company in 2007, whether you look at the Web, TV, print, or radio. Earlier this morning, Henry Blodget

Harmonix may receive $208 million windfall from Viacom

[photopress:rock_band_street_date.jpg,full,center] It’s no secret and no surprise that Rock Band is selling quite well. The game is one of the most fun multiplayers around and is on both major g

Viacom Spreads Its Video Love to Everyone But YouTube

In another move to strengthen the anti-YouTube coalition, Viacom is syndicating its videos (from Comedy Central, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, and Atom Films, among other properties) to a whole new slew

Rumor: Paramount set to jump ship, HD DVD all but dead

HD DVD’s booth at CES was a sad, sad sight to see. You could tell by the demeanor of everyone working the booth. They knew. Blu-ray’s booth was less than 20 yards away and they were rockin
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