Hear Liad Itzhak from Here and Oren Shoval of Via tackle autonomy and mobility as a service in Tel Aviv

As technology transforms transportation, one of the key questions for the industry is how to address the evolution of mobility from a product to a service. The industry is moving away from one where a

Chemi Peres of Pitango VC joins us at TechCrunch Tel Aviv, June 7

TechCrunch is returning to Tel Aviv on 7 June 2018 for a day-long conference, where we will be digging into one of Israel’s biggest tech strengths: mobility and everything that implies, from com

Via raises $250M led by Daimler to bring its carpooling technology to Europe

As outsized ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft continue to build out their taxi-style marketplaces largely based around connecting individual passengers to individual drivers, a startup focused

Curb and Via bring ride-sharing to NYC’s Yellow Taxis

New Yorkers are about to get even more friendly!* Today, Via and Curb are bringing ride-sharing through a digital wallet to yellow taxis in the Big Apple. Both apps will let New Yorkers hail a yellow

Israeli technology and the future of transportation

The quantum leaps in productivity created by the car, train, ship and plane have dramatically changed our lives and movements. But today, we’re at the forefront of a new revolution in mobility, from

NYC Taxis are still giving twice as many rides as Uber

After last summer’s vicious fight between Uber and the City of New York there hasn’t been much talk about the state of ridesharing in the Big Apple. But today a research report from Morgan

City carpooling service Via picks up $70M further funding, another $30M to come

<a target="_blank" href="">Via</a> bills itself as an 'on-demand transit company' and in some ways is competing with Uber, specifically within the city carpooling space. Toda

Via Raises $27M For Its Flat-Rate $5 Urban Carpool-Style Ride Sharing Service

Uber‘s growth has taken the company into many categories of transportation, from simple car services for individuals through to courier deliveries. Now, a startup out of New York called Via h

AT&T, Clearwire, HP, NTT DOCOMO And Others Join Via Licensing’s LTE Patent Pool

<a target="_blank" href="">Via Licensing</a>, a fully owned subsidiary of Dolby Laboratories, today announced that ten major players in the mobile industry have banded toge

Smartphone Maker HTC Buys S3 Graphics From VIA, WTI For $300 Million

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">VIA Technologies</a>, a Taiwan-based developer of x86 processor

VIA Releases USB 3.0 Thumbdrive Controller, the VL750

<img src="" alt="" title="Screen shot 2010-09-16 at 1.43.37 PM" width="239" height="202" class="alignright

Visa starts family-friendly PayPal rival called payclick

<img src="" />PayPal haters now have another option to pay for junk online. It's called payclick (all lowercase = money), and it was develo

Via reveals four sub-$150 Android tablets you won't buy

<img src="">Via's cheap Android tablets have been supposedly been found. Via Gallery has a 16-pic spread showing different

Via Labs is showing off its 4-port USB 3.0 host controller at Computex

<img src="">Via first showed off its USB 3.0 host controller at CES 2010 and it just broke cover at Computex. The VL800 series chip

Via to flood the US market with five sub-$150 Android tablets by year's end

<img src="">2010 was called the year of the tablet and Via might make that come true. The chip maker plans on releasing five tablets by

The VIA ARTiGO A1100 is so small you might lose it

<img src="">Look at the palm of your hand. Imagine if you will a future that includes computers that size. Brother! Good n

VIA launches their wee server, the M'SERV

<img src="" />VIA just launched their latest little computer, the M'SERV S2100. Designed for the small business and home user, the M'SER

VIA intros tiny Mobile-ITX platform

<img src="">You know that thing about robots eventually taking over the world? Or computers? Or robots with computers in t

VIA’s 3000-series Nano CPUs promise longer battery, increased performance

<img src="">VIA has introduced its updated line of Nano processors, built for netbooks and all-in-one computers. The 3000 series promises a

VIA Mini-ITX board features dual HDMI, on-board 1080p graphics chip

<img src="">VIA’s got a new Mini-ITX setup that ought to appeal to HTPC builders, as it features a dedicated GPU capab
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