• VH1 Will Be Promoting Foursquare On National Television All Summer Long

    The caliber of the partnerships that location-based startup Foursquare keeps landing continues to be impressive. A new tie-up with VH1 will see the cable network promoting Foursquare through the commercial below — all Summer long. Foursquare has had commercials before — like this Bravo one in February — but this one should be the biggest draw for the masses yet. Foursquare… Read More

  • Foursquare Gets Some Major VH1 Love

    Last week, we noted how The History Channel was using the Tips feature of Foursquare to make the real world a bit like Pop-Up Video, the popular VH1 show that ran from 1996 until 2002. Now, VH1 itself is in on the fun with their own account to also make the real world — and their own shows — a bit like Pop-Up Video with Foursquare. As Foursquare’s business development… Read More

  • Slide And Vh1 Team Up To Annoy The Hell Out Of You

    Slide and Vh1 excel at making products geared towards America’s lowest common denominator. The first makes SuperPoke, a popular social network app that lets you send text messages saying you’ve done “stuff” to your friends. The latter produces reality show classics like “Flavor of Love”, “Rock of Love”, and “I Love New York”. And… Read More

  • Rockband Band mockumentary

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=127799 The behind the scenes story of the Rockband band. Read More

  • Joost Scores Major VH1 Deal

    Looks like hotshot startup Joost is gaining even more credibility as a true alternative to standard television. It just struck a deal with VH1 that will allow Joost to showcase the new series “I Hate My 30s” a full 10 days before it even hits TVs around the country. With over 500,000 people using Joost, VH1 knows this is a great way to attract people to its programming. The deal… Read More

  • Anthrax Guitarist Can't Play His Own Song In GH2

    http://www.dovetail.tv/player.swf?contentId=1606&server=www.dovetail.tv&thumbnailPath=Zen%20Media%20Group%2Fguitar-hero%2Ejpg Meet Scott Ian. You either remember him from the band Anthrax like I do, or you’ve at least seen him doing bits on VH1. Either way, he’s a guitarist and a good one to boot, but when Scotty goes to play an Anthrax song in Guitar Hero 2, things… Read More