• Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove Reviewed

    If you’re a big VFF fan, you may have been thinking about moving toward a more closed shoe for trail running but didn’t want to sacrifice the delicious toe splay offered by “real” foot gloves. Merrell just came out with a new set of trail shoes designed to mimic the benefits of VFFs and they were quite well-reviewed at our favorite site dedicated to shoes… Read More

  • OMG! Fake Five Fingers appearing everywhere

    Just when you thought it was safe to buy some nice VFFs for your wedding, Chinese pirates are creating knock-off five fingers with names like Mupuk Five Fingers. While I’d normally say live and let live when it comes to Chinese piracy – after all, what can we do about it? Cry? – I’d recommend avoiding these guys at all costs. It’s odd enough wearing VFFs running… Read More

  • Some dude unboxes his VFFs and shows off his horrible scars

    I’m a big VFF fan so I wanted to share this real-life VFF tryout with you but oh my sweet merciful fates the dude’s website is called My Achilles Rupture which is pretty much the most disgusting thing ever, especially when he shows the scars from his freaking rupture. A rupture! Gah! On his tendon! GAH! Read More

  • Beginner's guide to barefoot running

    Beginners Guide to Five Fingers – The good lads over at BirthdayShoes.com put together an interesting presentation on VFFs and barefoot running. It’s fairly concise and nicely designed so I’ll excuse the fact that “free ebooks” are pretty dumb generally. Read More