VEVO Hires Nielsen Digital Exec Jonathan Carson As Chief Revenue Officer

Ever since launch, music video distributor VEVO has been working to increase monetization of its digital properties, highlighting the pure volume of videos and high engagement that viewers have on its

Apple TV Gets Vevo Music Videos, Disney And Disney XD, The Weather Channel And Smithsonian Content

Apple continues its selective content partner rollout today with an update to Apple TV software that adds Vevo, as previously rumored, as well as Disney Channel, Disney XD, The Weather Channel and Smi

BandPage Revives With Deals To Help Artists Manage VEVO And Xbox Music Profiles

Bandpage has been trying to rebuild as a cross-web tool for managing musician presences since it got steamrolled by Facebook Timeline. Today it took a big step towards its "publish once, update everyw

YouTube Confirms Renewed VEVO Deal, Takes Stake In Company

YouTube confirmed that it has renewed its deal with music video distributor VEVO. Not only does the deal allow YouTube to keep VEVO's videos on its site, but it also requires Google to invest in VEVO.

Vevo Dostępne Po Polsku

<a target="_blank" href="">Vevo</a>, popularny serwis muzycznych teledysków, ogłosił oficjalną dostępność w Polsce. Usługa, wcześniej niedostępna w tym regionie geograficz

Code In Twitter Music’s Placeholder Page Shows Web Interface, Track Purchasing, Charts And Service Integrations

Since we have nothing much to go on other than a static landing page for Twitter #music, some folks didfurther inspection within the CSS on the login page, and certain features and integrations became

Music Video Company VEVO Learns Dutch, Launches In The Netherlands

VEVO just became available in a whole new market, as its streaming music video service was launched in The Netherlands today. The launch will make more than 75,000 music videos available to Dutch view

VEVO Launches A Live Channel To Bring The Next Generation Of ‘Music Television’ Online

VEVO just rolled out its first new live and programmed music video offering, VEVO TV. The idea behind VEVO TV is to enable viewers to just sit back and have a stream of videos continuously shown to t

VEVO Gets A Roku App, Bringing More Than 50,000 Streaming Music Videos To Your TV

The new VEVO app on Roku, which launched today, will allow viewers to instantly start watching, with a continuous stream of music videos powered by its recommendations service. It also has various cat

VEVO: 40B Videos Watched Globally In The Last Year, Mobile Traffic Doubled In Q2 To 1.3B Streams

Back in March, <a href="">VEVO rolled out a huge new redesign</a>, which saw th

VEVO’s New iPad App Adds Personalized Playlists, Social Sharing & Continuous Playback

Earlier this year, VEVO unveiled a <a href="">huge new redesign</a>, adding con

VEVO Inks Deal To Bring Music Videos To Upcoming OUYA Android Game Console

The folks behind the stylish, Android-based <a target="_blank" href="">OUYA game console</a> have been on a hot streak lat

The New VEVO: Music Video Giant Adds Personalization, Facebook Playlists & Continuous Play

<a href="">VEVO</a> launched officially to the world in December 2009, and in the same month <a href="">became the m

Music Labels’ Joint Venture, VEVO, Shows Pirated NFL Game At Sundance

Over the last decade the major music labels — and their trade organization, the Recording Industry Association of America — have established a repeated pattern of attacking consumers in the name o

With Vevo crossing the pond, Muzu.TV partners with Metacafe to bed down in Europe

<img alt="" src="" title="Muzu.TV" class="shot" width="262" height="94" />Who'd have thought that years after MTV went out of vogue and

Vevo, the Hulu-for-music-videos, opens up in the UK

<img src="" alt="" title="Vevo" width="155" height="50" class="shot2" />Music video site <a href="">Vevo</a>, which n

YouTube Mobile Traffic Tripled In 2010, Android App Gets Music Videos (And Ads)

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" />Given how popular YouTube is on the web, it shouldn't come as a big surprise that a lot of people also en

Interlude, S-Curve, And VEVO Team To Launch Ridiculously Engaging Interactive Music Video

<img src="" alt="" /> Head to leading music video portal <a href="">VEVO</a> this morning and you're going to see some

Music Video Startup Vevo Is Seeing Tens Of Million In Revenue

<img src="" alt="" /> Vevo CEO <a href="">Rio Caraeff </a>took the stage today at

Live On YouTube Tonight: Arcade Fire Directed By Terry Gilliam

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-204507" title="Screen shot 2010-08-05 at 2.41.59 PM" src="" alt="" />L
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