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UK startup PawSquad brings the vet to your door, on demand

U.K. startup PawSquad is expanding coverage for an on-demand service that brings vets to pets -- offering convenience and reduced stress for pet owners willing to stump up a little more than they'd pa

Move over Cas9, CRISPR-Cas3 might hold the key to solving the antibiotics crisis

Researchers at North Carolina-based Locus Biosciences think they have a potential cure for antibiotic resistance using CRISPR’s lesser-known Cas3 enzyme. Most of the interest in CRISPR technolog

VetCloud Hopes To Unlock The Dormant Data In Veterinary Clinics Around The World

Unlocking the value hidden in data that has long gone unaggregated and unanalyzed is a hugely attractive proposition of big data and cloud-based SaaS startups, and newcomer VetCloud is no exception. T