• Behold the Vespa stretch scooter

    File this one under “why?”. Vespa South Africa has launched a stretch scooter. Apparently, it’ll allow you to roll with three other people on a scooter. Or one prawn. Read More

  • Man builds Vespa rocking horse for grandchild, jealousy for everyone else

    Here is a photo of the luckiest kid in the world. Look at that cute little face. He seems to be saying “I have a Vespa rocking horse. Do you have a Vespa rocking horse? Where do you keep your Vespa rocking horse? I’m but a small child so I can only assume that all other children have a Vespa rocking horse just like mine.” Read More

  • Everyone needs a Vespa; even the kiddies

    Vespas are wonderful machines and now even your kids can scoot around town. Fred Perry has teamed with Piaggio for a limited edition run of a full size and what looks like to be kiddie Vespa. Who cares about the full size model, it’s the mini one that I can’t stop looking at. Read More