Google upgrades Vertex AI to keep pace with the generative AI boom

Over half of CEOs globally are experimenting with AI to generate text, images and other forms of data, a recent joint survey by Fortune and Deloitte found. Meanwhile, a third of organizations are usin

Google’s generative AI support in Vertex AI is now generally available

Google announced today that its generative AI support in Vertex AI, the company’s machine learning platform, is now generally available. Based on Google’s models like PaLM 2, Imagen and Co

Google brings new generative models to Vertex AI, including Imagen

To paraphrase Andreessen Horowitz, generative AI, particularly on the text-to-art side, is eating the world. At least, investors believe so — judging by the billions of dollars they’ve pou

Google expands Vertex, its managed AI service, with new features

Roughly a year ago, Google announced the launch of Vertex AI, a managed AI platform designed to help companies to accelerate the deployment of AI models. To mark the service’s anniversary and th