• Y Combinator Demo Day: The Summer Startups

    Y Combinator held their fall bi-annual Demo Day today at their Mountain View office. The fall demo day featured a whopping 19 companies giving lightning fast 7 minute elevator pitches to a room of press and potential angel investors. The companies were earlier selected during their Summer application drive. Paul Graham started off the event briskly after an initial mixer, encouraging investors… Read More

  • Versionate's Wiki End Run Around Google Docs

    Y Combinator’s second company of the summer season, Versionate, launches today. It is a document-driven wiki product – upload just about any kind of file (office docs, images, whatever) and Versionate will create an editable, wiki-like page with version and access controls. Versionate is a distant cousin to another Y Combinator company, Scribd, which allows users to upload and… Read More