Verizon femtocells AKA Wi-Fi routers coming to a house near you

Verizon is planning to roll out personal femtocells to users this year, following T-Mobile Wi-Fi UMA and Sprint’s femotcell efforts to offer good reception in areas where it, to put it bluntly,

Hands on: Samsung Alias for Verizon

In case anyone is wondering what the exact difference between the older u740 from Verizon and the new Alias is I decided to snap some photos of the two versions. Like I said before, the keyboard butto

Breaking: Verizon buys AT&T for $25 billion

The boys are reporting from CTIA that Verizon just announced they’re purchasing AT&T for $25 billion. The news came during the joint Verizon/AT&T luncheon at Piero’s (great pesto)

Five new-ish phones for Verizon announced

Look how big I made this photo of the BlackBerry Curve! It’s one of five sorta new handsets that’ll be available on the Verizon network in the not too distant future. Let’s run throu

Verizon announces the updated Samsung u740, Alias

I’m positive most of you have seen the Verizon commercials for the Samsung u740 that’s now being dubbed the Alias, right? Well, if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that it’s not the origi

Vcast TV turns one year old, gets two new channels as a present

[photopress:vx9400_official.jpg,full,center] Well what have we here? Just moments — literally moments — after posting about AT&T’s new mobile TV solution I get an email from Veri

Verizon pushing FCC to treat all TV suppliers equally

[photopress:fiostv_multi.jpg,full,center] Verizon’s petitioning the FCC to make it easier for customers locked into cable monopolies to leave in favor of similar services offered by ISPs, such a

Q&A over Verizon Wireless's new open network

The AP has a Q&A regarding VZW’s new open network, but they fail to mention who is answering the Qs. To be honest this Q&A doesn’t reveal anything. The new network will supposedly take

Moto VU30 spotted at Phone Arena

[photopress:vu30.jpg,full,center] Phone Arena’s got first pics of a forthcoming Motorola clamshell destined for Verizon this summer called the VU30. We don’t know much about the phone, sad

CrunchGear this Week The best post of the week? Watch some of CG’s staff get zapped by a ridiculous shocking iPod. Warning: Some NS

Verizon down in NYC?

Got a tip from some sad-eyed Verizon customers that the service is down completely in Manhattan. We’re trying a few phones here at the office and will try to figure out if this is a tri-state ki

Welcome to the club Verizon, but you're still CDMA

Verizon’s Open Development Device Conference started this morning and details of the ‘any device, any applications’ were revealed. I have to applaud Verizon for making such bold moves, but the f

Verizon embraces legal P2P sharing, saves money

Verizon’s getting set to share the results of a recent study it conducted showing that “when an ISP cooperates with a file-sharing software maker they can speed downloads an average of 60

Verizon greenlights 100Gbps network; Yes, you read that right

[photopress:internet2usamap1.jpg,full,center] Verizon is kicking its major network routes up to 100Gbps early next year. It’s looking at upgrading it’s backbone after successful trails las

Verizon charging for data over 5GB on "unlimited" plan

[photopress:verizon_wireless_broadband_3.jpg,full,center] Verizon is the latest carrier to become convinced that unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited, as its started charging customers of its $59.99

Verizon to publish open initiative spec sheet in March

[photopress:verizon_logo.jpg,full,left]We know that Verizon’s been working towards a BYOH (Bring Your Own Handset) model for a little while now, and word is its set to publish the first version

When will Sprint announce their unlimited voice plan and how much will it be?

So three of the four major carriers in the US have announced unlimited voice plans for $100 and everyone is waiting to see what Sprint does. Don’t expect them to announce a $100 voice plan thoug

Samsung u550 launches on Verizon

Is brown the new black? Apparently so. Today, Samsung launched the brown clamshell, SCH-u550, on the Verizon wireless network. It looks boring from the outside, but it doesn’t seem too bad if yo

Verizon's rumored Samsung U940 appears at FCC

[photopress:u940.jpg,full,center] Verizon Wireless users, meet the U940. The sliding-QWERTY, EV-DO phone showed up recently on the FCC’s certification site and all signs point to it passing must

Rumor: Verizon adding $99 unlimited voice

[photopress:verizonguy.jpg,full,left]Verizon is setting to offer an all-you-can-talk voice plan for $99. Word is it’s to launch on Tuesday, with ads popping up randomly on USA Today’s webs
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