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  • Fragmentation Mystery: Why Is iOS 4.3 Listed For GSM iPhone-Only?

    Today at their event in San Francisco, Apple showed off the new iPad 2 alongside a new version of iOS: 4.3. But the end of walk-through was a bit odd. On screen, Apple showed that iOS 4.3 would be available for free on March 11 (iPad 2 launch day in the U.S.) for the iPhone 4 as well — but only the GSM version. That seems to suggest that the Verizon iPhone, which uses CDMA technology… Read More

  • Verizon's "Countdown" iPhone Ad: Watch It Here So You Don't Have To Watch American Idol

    Although, as usual, I feel a little silly posting a commercial, this one from Verizon thanking their customers for sticking it out (whether they really did or not) is too decent to skip. It should be playing a lot in prime time, but of course that means you have to watch prime time shows to see it. Or you could just hit play right here and get the same experience. Yes, we spoil you. Read More

  • The Daily Show Takes On The Verizon iPhone Announcement (With A Special Dose Of MG!)

    The Verizon iPhone is a cause for celebration and the conga line starts behind Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. Throw down your lame AT&T iPhone and join in on the fun! Well, on February 10 that is. You may wanna hold on to your semi-functional iPhone until then. But until then, click through for what could be the most honest Daily Show segment in the show’s 14-year… Read More

  • Hands On With the Verizon iPhone

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Here it is: the Verizon iPhone. The only visible differences are the new Verizon logo in the corner and the hotspot feature. Everything else is exactly the same. We haven’t been able to make a call and surf yet – but it would obviously work (or not work) as we always expected – and they were getting full bars in the room here, which… Read More

  • The Verizon iPhone Product Pages And More Are Alive For Your Ogling

    The Verizon iPhone lives! Hurray! But now comes the long wait until February 10th. Yeah, it’s going to be tough sitting there, staring at the one bar next to the AT&T logo on your current iPhone when you know salvation is just right around the corner. But fear not, while we’ll have plenty of Verizon iPhone stories for you to peep in the coming days, Verizon just went live with… Read More

  • We'll Be Hanging LIVE At The Verizon Event Tomorrow At 11am Eastern

    We just got the go-ahead to head over to the Verizon tomorrow at 11am Eastern, 8am Pacific. I’ll be attending with good old MG and a few trusting 4G dongles and higher-end cameras. Needless to say, we’ll be liveblogging the heck out of this show. Will your endless prayers be answered? Tune in tomorrow. Read More

  • Verizon Will Trip AT&T With The iPhone — Then Point And Laugh With Unlimited Data

    Uh oh, AT&T. It’s looking very, very, very, very likely that the event Verizon is holding on Tuesday morning in New York City is all about unveiling a CDMA iPhone that will work on the carrier’s network. And for those of us who have long suffered and struggled with AT&T’s network to be able to use the iPhone (particularly those of us in cities like San Francisco and… Read More

  • Five Ways The Verizon iPhone Will Change The Mobile Landscape

    It has been a litany akin to prayer in certain circles: “Everything will be better when Verizon gets the iPhone. I’ll buy it then.” But what will a Verizon iPhone really change? Let’s think this through. First, expect iPhone sales to surpass Droid sales for a brief period and then level off. My friend the former Hell’s Angel told me how a Verizon rep sold his niece… Read More

  • This Year, Apple Has Two Fangs To Suck The Blood Out Of CES: iPad 2 And Verizon iPhone

    Every year, it seems the buzz starts building around now for CES, the giant consumer electronics expo in Las Vegas. And every year at CES, much of the buzz seems to be around the one company that isn’t there — perhaps the most important consumer electronics company these days: Apple. And this year will be no different. Except that this year, the CES buzz-kill may be more intensified… Read More

  • Apple, Please Hurry Up And Ship Those iPhones To Verizon Already

    Like many people, I’ve been holding out for the iPhone to arrive on Verizon before upgrading. It’s been a long wait, and now that my wife has an iPhone 4 she got for Christmas (on AT&T), my iPhone 3GS is really starting to look dated. Fortunately, it looks like Apple’s component suppliers in Taiwan are gearing up to ship 5 million to 6 million CDMA iPhones to Verizon in… Read More

  • The Impeccable Timing Of The Verizon iPhone Rumors

    The Verizon iPhone rumor is as old as the iPhone itself. So whenever anyone trots it out, you take it with a grain of salt. It’s like The Beatles coming to iTunes. It will happen eventually, but who knows when. That said, today’s Wall Street Journal report about Verizon readying to launch the iPhone in early 2011 has all the makings of a good old Apple-controlled leak once again. Read More

  • CDMA iPhones To Go Into Production This December?

    The latest iPhone Verizon rumor just dropped and states that the CDMA iPhones are set to hit assembly lines this coming December. According to analyst Jeffrey Fidacro with Susqehanna Financial Group Apple’s plan is to build 3 million CDMA iPhones in December alone. If the plan is to launch on Verizon — or even Sprint — those 3 million units will be gone in a quick minute. Read More

  • Round-up: Our Take On Apple’s New Media Devices

    Apple’s new lineup has been announced: A new iPod touch with a Retina display and dual cameras, a bite-sized touchscreen Nano, a sandwich-sized stream-only Apple TV, and updates to both iTunes and iOS, improving their social and gaming capabilities. We’ve got the news in about 20 separate posts, sure, but we have yet to apply our keen blogging sense to the announcements… Read More

  • Apple To Reignite The iPod Fire With Hot New Models This Week? Yep.

    Apple has an event on the books for this coming Wednesday and it’s widely expected that Steve-O will announce new iDevices, specifically an iOS-version of the Apple TV and new iPods. Most of the pre-iTV news is purely speculative as we really don’t know much about it, although it should hit at a lower price point and a new cloud-based iTunes should debut alongside the device. Read More

  • Why The Verizon iPhone Rumors are True—CDMA iPhone Due in January

    We’ve been hearing Verizon iPhone rumors for years now. It’s to the point that no one really believes the rumors anymore, since analysts and pundits have cried wolf so many times.  But this time looks to be different due to some key dynamics in the semiconductor value chain, and I am going to go on record to say Verizon will be selling an iPhone this coming January. Here’s why: Read More

  • Delightful rumor: Verizon Wireless testing the iPad on its network

    Oh my heavens. Someone close to someone else says that Verizon Wireless is testing the iPad on its network. Does that mean we could be looking at an iPad that works with Verizon Wireless? And would that mean an iPhone is far behind? Read More

  • Rumor: Landor Associates working on upcoming iPhone campaign for Verizon

    The rumor mill is churning about a company called Landor Associates “working on an advertising campaign” for Verizon for the upcoming iPhone (you know, the one that the police knocked down Jason Chen’s door down to get generally more information about?). Ladnor has been working on Verizon branding since 2007 and is, according to a tipster, now hard at work preparing for… Read More