verizon hub

  • The Verizon Hub has been discontinued, try not to get upset

    Oh, the Verizon Hub. You came to the market just a few years too late. There was a time when a VoIP device with instant messaging capabilities would have been welcomed into the kitchens everywhere but that time was 2006 and not 2009. Now, that market has primarily moved onto full featured smartphones and somewhat killing the need for a home base type device. And so the Hub is no more. Verizon… Read More

  • The Verizon Hub now available for $199 with a contract

    The landline-killing Verizon Hub is finally available for order. It’s going to cost $199 up front, plus the cost of another line on your contract to own the ultimate desk phone. That might be a bit much for some, but considering this thing can do just about anything while looking drop dead gorgeous is sure to be justification enough for some Verizon subs. Read More