Verizon FIOS

Amazon adds single sign-on for Fire TV

Signing on to all of your favorite networks’ apps on Amazon TV just got a little easier. The company, which had teased single sign-on for Fire TV in September, is now bringing the service to net

Verizon And Motorola Announce FiOS TV Media Server That Can Record Six Shows At Once

Remember that FiOS home Media Server Verizon was talking about <a href="">a year ago</a>?

Hands On With The Verizon FiOS Mobile App

Verizon updated itsĀ <a target="_blank" href="">FiOS Mobile application for iPad</a>, which now streams 75 channels of live TV. Unli

Keeping The Lovefest Going, Verizon Agrees To Put Google TV Ads On FIOS

<img src=""> Google and Verizon are best buds. Verizon Wireless is the largest Android carrier, and the two companies even <a hr

Time Warner's TNT And TBS Turn On TV Everywhere For Verizon FIOS Custmers

<img src=""> Time Warner is turning on more channels for its <a href="">TV Everywhe

RAWR (it means I LOVE YOU! in Dinosaur), Verizon FiOS

<img src="" alt="" />After 10 days of waiting for my Verizon FiOS install, I finally have Internet and cable in my new apartment. Goodb