Triller owner gets a new CEO with acquisition of Amplify.AI; also acquires livestreaming service FITE TV

Would be TikTok competitor Triller, operated by parent company TrillerNet, is gaining a new CEO, the company announced today. The short-form video app said it’s acquiring an A.I.-based customer

Claiming a landmark in fusion energy, TAE Technologies sees commercialization by 2030

In a small industrial park located nearly halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, one company is claiming to have hit a milestone in the development of a new technology for generating power from nu

Sports stars, franchises and Hollywood agencies are betting $38 million on an esports revolution

What started with an esports team is now quickly becoming an esports empire, backed by some of the biggest names in sports and money managers for entertainment family dynasties and Hollywood power bro

From Plaxo To Docker, Ben Golub Talks Innovation And Mentorship

In this podcast, Golub talks with Mayfield Fund’s Navin Chaddha about picking apricots in Silicon Valley, learnings from the challenging Plaxo journey, his excitement around leading Docker, the cur

Report: More Than 250M Domain Names Have Now Been Registered, Almost Half Are .Com And .Net

The total number of registered domain names passed 250 million in the last quarter of 2012, according to Verisign’s latest Domain Name Industry Brief. More than 6 million domain names were regis

Last Quarter Ended With 192 Million Total New Registered Domains, Up 11 Million

<img src="" />Approximately 11 million new domain names were registered in the fourth quarter of 2009, an eight percent increase in new regis

US Government To Embrace OpenID, Courtesy Of Google, Yahoo, PayPal Et Al.

<img src="" width="187" height="200" />During the <a href="

The Dot Coms Are Booming Again (Domain Registrations, That Is)

<img src="" width="215" height="190" /><a href="">VeriSign</a> has just put out its quarterly repor

177 Million Domain Names And Counting, VeriSign Shows Growth Is Slowing

<img src="" alt="" />So <a href="">VeriSign</a> released its Q4 2008 Domain Name Industry Brief (<a href="

Domain Name Consolidation: Verisign Acquires .Name Guys

<img alt="" />Even as the number and type of domain names continues to <a href="">expand</a>, the number of companies that control all these assets dwindles. The

Verisign Selling Moreover, Weblogs Assets

<img alt="" />Verisign is exploring the sale of its <a href="">Moreover</a> and <a href="">Weblogs</a> assets, we've confirmed from a source with knowledge of

Verisign's Personal Identity Portal Is Half Way To Password Bliss

Verisign’s new Personal Identity Portal (PIP from now on) isn’t the sexiest application out there to help you manage passwords. But it has Verisign’s strong reputation for security b

Melbourne IT Acquires Versign DBMS For $50 Million

Melbourne IT has acquired Versign’s Digital Brand Management Services (DBMS) division for $50 million. DBMS offers a portfolio of digital brand security services, including domain name managemen

OpenID Welcomes Microsoft, Google, Verisign and IBM

As anticipated by TechCrunch UK in early January, OpenID is welcoming some big new partners to the club – Microsoft, Google, Verisign and IBM (TechCrunch UK anticipated all but Microsoft). Googl

Mumboe: Paradise For Lawyer Types

Electronic agreements have greased the wheels of commerce, causing businesses to push a lot of digital paper these days. Several startups have popped up to help manage these contracts (mostly through

Microsoft Gets Company's Code Certificate Pulled

Better watch out fellow coders. Make a useful utility for Windows and Microsoft might jump all over your ass for it. LinchpinLabs, an Australia-based company, released the Atsiv utility July 20th for

Verisign Acquires

Verisign has confirmed their acquisition of the ping server network and related assets. See the Verisign blog post here as well. We aren’t going to write a lot about it here on TechC