Nexmo Announces Verify, An API To Help Developers Confirm Users’ Phone Numbers

Nexmo, a company that sells telecom services to developers, announced an early release of its new product 'Verify' today, a tool to help apps confirm the phone numbers, and therefore verify the identi

Verify Now Lets Designers Test More Of Their Ideas In More Places

<p>Interaction design and strategy firm <a href="">ZURB</a> has turned more and more of its internal apps into <a href="">products</a> for other designers o

Verify: Get Feedback On Your Site When It's Still Just A Mockup

<a href=""><img class="shot2" src="" alt="" /></a>It isn't uncommon for websites to ask users for feedback, but mo

Clue Tracks What People Remember About Your Website

<img src="" alt="" />Design interaction firm <a href="">ZURB </a>today launches <a href="htt