Twitter is mulling a cheaper organizational verification plan

Twitter is thinking about an organizational verification plan that doesn’t cost $1,000 a month. Over the weekend, Elon Musk said on Twitter that the company is working on a cheaper plan for smal

Twitter gave a gold checkmark to a fake Disney account

In a drive to offer free verification to top organizations, Twitter briefly gave a gold checkmark to a fake Disney account. The gold checkmark indicates that the account belongs to a company. It is r

Twitter reinstates Blue verification mark for top accounts — even if they didn’t pay for it

After removing thousands of legacy verification checkmarks on April 20, Twitter is restoring the Blue tick marks for large accounts — even if they didn’t pay for subscriptions. Over the we

Twitter Blue vs Meta Verified and other TC news

Blue checkmarks on Twitter and Instagram are used by public figures and media outlets to say, “you can trust I am who I say I am and you can trust me.” But now both Twitter and Meta have changed t

Elon Musk says Twitter will finally remove legacy checkmarks on 4/20

Elon Musk said that Twitter will finally move to remove the legacy blue checkmarks on April 20 or 4/20 because he can’t let go of that joke. This is the “final date,” he said in a tw

Twitter’s new label makes it hard to differentiate between legacy and paid verified accounts

Twitter has introduced a new check mark label that makes it impossible to separate between legacy and paid verified accounts.

New accounts now have to wait only 30 days for Twitter Blue

Twitter has changed many things related to its subscription program, Twitter Blue, in the last few hours. The company has made the paid plan available for purchase globally, and also reduced the time

Twitter testing government ID-based verification, new screenshots show

Twitter appears to be testing a new verification process for Twitter Blue subscribers that would involve submitting a government ID. Code-level insights reveal a process for sending in a photo of the

Is Instagram considering paid verification? Code reveals references to a ‘paid blue badge’

New references in Instagram’s code suggest the company could be developing a paid verification feature following the rollout of a similar system at Twitter under Elon Musk. Recently discovered c

A quick guide to all the checkmarks and badges on Twitter

Elon Musk-led Twitter is shaking up its verification system. Instead of one checkmark, now there are multicolored checkmarks to denote different things. This could be very confusing for users to track

Twitter will require phone number verification to purchase a Twitter Blue subscription

After announcing the relaunch of Twitter Blue over the weekend, Twitter updated its terms to require phone number verification for users who want to purchase the subscription. The company said that if

Elon Musk says Twitter’s new multicoloured verification will launch next week

After messing up the first launch of Twitter’s “power to the people” verification system, Elon Musk said that the social network will tentatively roll out a new multicolored verifica

New Twitter accounts will have to wait 90 days before buying a subscription

Twitter has published a policy change saying that newly created Twitter accounts will have to wait 90 days before being allowed to subscribe to the new Twitter Blue plan and get verified. This is like

Have you tried turning it off and on again, Elon?

A few days ago, new Twitter owner Elon Musk said that the company will try a lot of dumb things in the coming days. And that seems to be the product strategy of the company — even if it causes utter

Musk flip-flops on Twitter verification — brings back (some) ‘Official’ badges (in some parts of the world)

Strap back in for another Musk-Twitter U-turn: After a wave of impersonation chaos that hit a number of high profile brands and celebrities in recent hours, including an account pretending to be pharm

Twitter begins to roll out, then kills, grey checkmarks for high-profile accounts

Update: Well, that was fast. The grey checks have begun to disappear following a reply from Twitter CEO Elon Musk to YouTuber MKBHD implying that Musk has put the kibosh on the system — at least

Twitter safety head suggests further ‘identity verification’ beyond paid verification may later be required

Twitter’s head of Safety and Integrity Yoel Roth admitted in a Twitter thread that the company may have to further invest in “identity verification” that goes beyond the paid verificatio

Twitter to delay verification check mark rollout until after US midterm elections

Twitter is reportedly delaying the rollout of verification check marks to subscribers as the social network attempts to steer clear of possible impact to Tuesday’s midterm elections. The Elon Mu

Twitter Blue’s troubles: Twitter’s app has only generated $6.4M in consumer spending to date

Elon Musk has a new plan to generate revenue for Twitter. Reportedly, the social media company’s new owner intends to revamp the Twitter Blue premium subscription, currently an optional $4.99 pe

Elon Musk is revamping Twitter’s verification system — and it might involve a monthly fee

Twitter’s verification program has always been a complicated and controversial affair. The company has paused and resumed the application process many times to make it more streamlined. In the E
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