• Google will turn on native ad-blocking in Chrome on February 15

    Google will turn on native ad-blocking in Chrome on February 15

    Google is going to start blocking certain ads in Chrome, the company announced earlier this year. But now we know exactly when: February 15, 2018 (via VentureBeat) is the go-live date provided by the company for introduction of its built-in enforcement of the standards established by the Coalition for Better Ads, of which it is a member. This won’t block all ads on all websites… Read More

  • Product Hunt Wins Best New Startup Of 2014

    Product Hunt Wins Best New Startup Of 2014

    Product Hunt, the online community where members submit and vote up the best new tech products, has been taking the industry by storm as founders, investors, early adopters and other tech enthusiasts now check the site on a daily basis. Today, the company also has the honor of winning the Crunchie award for “best new startup,” beating out runner-up Shyp to take home the trophy. Read More

  • The Seven Best Startups At DEMO

    After watching SAP CEO Bill McDermott, HP CTO Phil McKinney, and Square Co-founder Jack Dorsey give their conference spiel today,  I took a stroll into the DEMO pit in order to find the seven best startups at DEMO. While the presentation junkets split all 67 worthy startups into Mobile Technologies, Cloud Technologies,  Consumer and Social and Media Technologies, I’ve culled the seven… Read More

  • DEMO Gets Desperate: Shipley Out, Marshall In

    Things are changing at DEMO, the startup and product-launch conference owned by IDG that competes with our own TechCrunch50 conference. After 13 years, conference organizer Chris Shipley will make way for Matt Marshall, editor of VentureBeat. The two will co-produce DEMO as Marshall gets up to speed, then he will take over. Marshall says he will focus on “injecting deeper… Read More

  • Prepping For Mobile Web Wars At MobileBeat

    Today and tomorrow I am going totally mobile. And if you are in the Bay Area, so should you. It’s not too late to get tickets for MobileBeat, VentureBeat’s mobile conference that goes all day today. You can get a 10 percent discount on tickets by using using this code: TCMB08. I will be there moderating a panel with Rich Miner (Google’s group manager of wireless), Matt… Read More

  • VentureBeat Takes $320,000 First Round

    Venture focused blog VentureBeat has taken a seed round of $320,000. Investors include Georges Harik and Aydin Senkut (both ex-Google); Mike Brown, Philippe Cases, MHS Capital, Amidzad and White Sand Group among others. VentureBeat joins GigaOm, who’ve raised two rounds, in the “funded blog network” category. VentureBeat was founded in 2006 by ex-San Jose Mercury News writer… Read More