venture debt

TechCrunch+ roundup: Venture debt VC survey, PLG boosting tactics, bootstrapping to $40M ARR

ARR has always been a key metric, but with valuations down across the board and new money too tight to mention, it’s now a lodestar.

The new rules of venture debt are already being written

Venture debt, in many ways, used to be an afterthought. But in the post-SVB world, raising this kind of debt is going to look very different.

5 investors discuss what’s in store for venture debt following SVB’s collapse

VCs don't think venture debt is going away anytime soon, but five investors said getting it now will look different than before.

Investors prefer debt over equity (but not venture debt)

Capital markets are changing, which means financing options for companies are changing as well.

What does the collapse of SVB mean for venture debt?

Silicon Valley Bank was synonymous with venture debt to many but even if credit is harder to find, startups still have options.

Why this unicorn chose to take a credit facility

Its equity, growth and existing relationships with banks and financial institutions, gave Socure firm footing to kick off credit facility discussions.

Redefining ‘founder-friendly’ capital in the post-FTX era

For many startup founders, a "founder-friendly" investor is one who stays relatively hands off. But in today's climate, we need the opposite.

Q3 data reminds us that venture debt is not a Hail Mary

Despite many thinking that venture debt would grow amid this year's equity pullback, that has not been the case.

US startups seeking funds shouldn’t overlook financing from the government

While cash from Uncle Sam may not be top of mind for startups, SBA loans can provide low-cost capital.

CIBC Innovation Banking comes in with new $1.5B venture financing to fill VC gap

CIBC's Mark McQueen says the bank's non-dilutive capital can be "unicorn fuel" as startups wait for VC funding spigot to flow faster.

Startup banking service Mercury jumps into debt lending to take on Silicon Valley Bank

Mercury, a well-funded, three-year-old startup that offers a host of banking services to startups, is today rolling out a new offering for its customers: venture debt. The idea is to loan out $200 mil

Why I’m using a credit facility to grow my startup

For our business model, raising a credit facility to fund all of the spend for our customers made the most sense.

South Africa’s Planet42 gets $30M for its car subscription service, Mexico expansion

Planet42, a South Africa-based car subscription company that buys used cars from dealerships and rents to customers via a subscription model, has raised $30 million in equity and debt. The investment

Why and when startups should look to diverse sources of capital

Venture capital is a popular source of capital for early-stage startups, but it's not the only one. Debt is an increasingly popular alternative, as is non-dilutive, revenue-based financing.

Startups have more options than ever to lower their reliance on venture capital

The capital market for startups has perhaps never been more attractive than it is today. Not only are venture capitalists raising more capital than ever, but new methods of financing startup activity

Which form of venture debt should your startup go for?

Given the surplus of liquidity, entrepreneurs have access to more funding options than ever. Venture banks, venture debt funds and venture capitalists are jockeying to prove their money is greener.

Debt versus equity: When do non-traditional funding strategies make sense?

How can debt be stable and reliable? Seems like an oxymoron, but the reality is that while equity investors are looking for growth, debt investors just want to get paid back with interest.

Architect Capital brings alternative capital to the early stage with new $100M fund

Early-stage startups are increasingly looking for alternative ways to access capital, meaning not every company wants to raise money from VCs or take on debt. In recent years, a flurry of startups hav

Opting for a debt round can take you from Series A startup to Series B unicorn

For many early startups, debt financing is not an option. If companies want to preserve equity, however, debt can be an advantageous choice.

Flexible VC: A new model for startups targeting profitability

A new category of investors has emerged offering a hybrid between VC and revenue-based investment (RBI), which we call “flexible VC."
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