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All venture funds use the ‘2 and 20’ fee structure, right? Not really

Typically, a VC fund's management fee is 2% of AUM, but new data from Carta shows that the 2% figure isn't as universal as you might think.

What makes everyone so sure SAFE rounds are founder-friendly?

While SAFEs are generally considered founder friendly, when you get into the details it's less clear why they would be over priced rounds.

5 founders discuss why SAFEs are better for early-stage and bridge rounds

Fundraising is hard, so it’s no wonder that SAFE (simple agreement for future equity) rounds are popular. Conceived by Y Combinator as an alternative to convertible notes, SAFEs have long been consi

8 reasons why the venture capital market isn’t as miserable as you think

There's good reason to believe that the massive correction in venture capital activity that we've seen over the past six quarters has run its course.

Welcome to the new venture normal

The U.S. VC market has seemingly found a new normal: the number of deals and amount of dollars invested in startups so far this year is stabilizing.

Tales of ESG’s death have been greatly exaggerated

Corporate executives might be making a lot of noise about ESG, but when it comes to investors, sustainability concerns appear here to stay.

8 VCs explain why there’s good reason to be optimistic about cybersecurity

Despite declining funding levels and higher rate of attacks, cybersecurity investors remain optimistic. Here's why.

This VC firm uses personality tests and AI to find its next investments

Investors are throwing money at AI startups, so it's no wonder we're starting to see them leaning on the tech to save their most precious resource: Time.

As the value of startup exits craters, poor liquidity may be harming VCs’ ability to raise capital

The situation will not resolve over night, but a few more big exits could go a long way to brighten up 2023.

Crypto funding drops for fifth straight quarter as investors continue to pull back

Capital flowing into the industry dropped for the fifth consecutive quarter since Q1 2022 to $2.34 billion globally.

11 VCs reveal how hard it was for their startups to fundraise in H1 2023

TechCrunch+ recently asked VCs how the first half of 2023 bore out for their investments and how their portcos are handling a cash-light environment.

Insight cutting its fundraising target isn’t reason to panic

Some of venture's largest firms are struggling to fundraise, but that is because of lofty targets, not LP disinterest.

Investors are sitting on mountains of cash: Where will it be deployed?

Crossover funds and VCs have been watching from the sidelines — capital deployment is in somewhat of a “wait and see” mode.