Screen Skinz raises $1.5M seed to create custom screen protectors

There has been much evolution in the personalized phone protector market, but nothing has truly captured screens yet.

Evolution Equity Partners raises $1.1B for new cybersecurity and AI fund

Evolution Equity Partners, a growth capital firm based in NYC, has raised $1.1 billion for a new cyber- and AI-focused fund.

The UK threw a splashy event in New York this week to woo more American VCs

U.K. officials unveiled a hologram statue and threw a big party to celebrate the U.K. as the third $1 trillion tech economy.

0G Labs launches with whopping $35M pre-seed to build a modular AI blockchain

As the crypto space heats back up, so has funding for new startups. 0G Labs, a web3 infrastructure firm,” has raised $35 million in a pre-seed round, the team exclusively told TechCrunch. If $35 mil

Griffin Bank has a license to thrill

Welcome to TechCrunch Fintech (formerly The Interchange)! I’m filling in for Mary Ann, who is on a much deserved break. This week, we look at Griffin Bank getting its license ahead of some heavy hit

Techstars’ $80M partnership with J.P. Morgan is on the rocks, employees say

The fate of the Advancing Cities programs — and some of the around 20 people who work at Techstars in this program — is up in the air.

Ariel Kaye built a brand that’s outlasted the DTC boom

This week, Dom spoke with Ariel Kaye, the founder of the home lifestyle brand Parachute.

How much are Nvidia’s rivals investing in startups? We investigated

Over the past couple of years, Nvidia, by far the largest AI chipmaker, has ramped up its investments in startups that propel it deeper into the AI space. According to S&P Global and Crunchbase, t

Why VCs are investing in startups that help other startups shut down

In one of the VC world’s greatest ironies, investors have lately been clamoring to back startups that are helping other startups shut down. So whether a VC-backed startup is succeeding or shutte

Hellohive is tackling hiring discrimination as more equitable hiring companies emerge

Hellohive announced on Thursday a $3.4 million Series A round to help combat discrimination during the hiring process.

DEI backlash: Stay up-to-date on the latest legal and corporate challenges

It's clear that this year will be a turning point for DEI.

Building AI guardrails should be part of the process

Building a solid rulebook around AI policies in the workplace now can help prevent plenty of headaches in the future.

Taking the long view on crypto

“It’s the single best time to invest in [crypto] companies,” according to 10T Holdings and 1RoundTable Partners’ CEO, Dan Tapiero.

As one raises $11.2M to hit the US, carbon startups pin hopes on future regulation to boost their fortunes

We last covered carbon credits startup Ceezer in late 2022 when it raised a €4.2 million ($4.5m) seed round. Then, as now, Ceezer was part of the new wave of tech-driven offsetting and/or removal pl

Here’s what to know to raise a Series A right now

If you're thinking about raising a Series A, you should probably start now.

Now is the time to invest in edtech

Just tacking AI onto a product isn’t enough, and investors are hoping that the technology will lead to more innovation in the space.

Plural, the VC led by founders, pulls together a new $432M fund to back European startups

European VC Plural has carved out a reputation for itself as being one of the few VCs in the region started and led by entrepreneurs who grew their own startups. Its founders include Taavet Hinrikus f

No impact without revenue? That’s ArcTern’s climate tech thesis

"If you're not making money, you're not having impact," said ArcTern Ventures managing partner Murray McCaig.

The unicorns among us

The pendulum swung hard in the direction of B2B startups over the last decade — but the thing with pendulums is that eventually they swing back.

Funding to Black founders was down in 2023 for the third year in a row

There’s been a consistent yearly decline in funding since the murder of George Floyd in 2020.
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