Crunch Report | Jay Z Is Planning a VC Fund

Verizon is finally buying Yahoo, Jay Z is planning a VC fund, Uber investigates sexual harassment claims, Boeing doubles down on satellites and Skurt offers on-demand rental cars. All this on Crunch R

Lighter Capital takes a different approach to startup financing

The new world of startup finance is very strange. Private equity is increasingly dipping down to finance startups. Meanwhile, venture capital funds are being forced to use every financial tool imagin

Early Stage Investor Version One Ventures Closes $35M Second Fund

The Vancouver-based early stage investment fund Version One Ventures, led by founder and current Andreessen Horowitz board partner Boris Wertz, has closed its second fund of $35 million today. The ven

How To Say No, And Other Tips From Inside SRI’s Venture Process

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Norman Winarsky is the Vice President of Ventures at research and technology development organization SRI International.</em> What have we learned over more than 65 years

Digital Health Funding In ’12: $1.4B Raised, Up 45% Y/Y; Qualcomm Most Prolific Of 179 Investors, Castlight Takes Largest Round

As CES 2013 gets underway, it finds the Quantified Self movement to be a far more crowded market than a year ago, but <a href="

August Capital Raising $550M For Sixth Venture Fund, “Sticking To What Works”

<a target="_blank" href="">August Capital</a>, the 17-year-old Sand Hill venture capital firm, is raising a new $550 million investment fund, according to documents <a target=

Panels Are A Waste Of Time, But They Don’t Have To Be

Two years ago, when I first co-founded <a href="">Earbits</a>, I started frequenting various startup events like so many other first-time founders. Some of them