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China’s teams up with Intel to develop ‘smart’ retail experiences

Months after it landed a major $550 million investment from Google, China’s — the country’s second highest-profile investor behind Alibaba — has teamed up with another U

This is Snapchat’s new Spectacles store in New York City

Snapchat surprised everyone this morning when instead of dropping its Spectacles vending machine in a remote location like the Grand Canyon or Oklahoma, it opened a legitimate storefront in New York C

This is what it’s like to buy Spectacles from Snapchat’s vending machine

It’s Spectacle day. Snapchat surprised everyone this morning by deploying a vending machine that sells Spectacles right along the beach in Venice. The machine will only be there for 24 hours, a

Nail Art Machine: Manicure "vending" machine

<img src="" /> As everybody knows, Japan is the land of <a href="">vending machine

Video: Strange Japanese hamburger vending machine

<img src="" /> Everybody knows Japan loves <a href="

Luxury wine vending machine

<img src="" /> It's not really a secret: Japan loves vending machines. So it's not really surprising this newest (

Hitachi presents biometric-based vending machine

<img src="" /> It's no secret the Japanese have a <a href="

Sony, Universal begin rolling out PoP vending machines

Frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for such a thing to transpire. I think it’s safe to say that most of us have seen vending machines spewing out electronics at airports and other rando

Vending Machine Red Is Jawsome

[youtube] Those silly clowns at Gizmodo must be sniffing too many panties. Uncovered is a video of Japan’s jawesomest superhero, Vending Machine Red! H